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How do Ham Radios Work? (Learn the Basics)

Ham radios also known as amateur radios, are devices used to transmit and receive radio waves broadcast for non-commercial use.  Ham radio operators are known as Hams. Hams do this mainly as a hobby since there are no monetary gains but, in the process, can positively impact a lot of lives by building meaningful groups […]
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Is Eating a Hobby? (6 Food Hobbies)

So, you are wondering if your favorite pastime of eating can count as a hobby? Perhaps you need to give an explanation for why that last bag of Cheetos has disappeared or are looking to garnish your resume. Either way, the act of putting food into your body by chewing and swallowing it is a […]
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Coastal Foraging Southern California

The beautiful coasts of southern California are home to a variety of species of plant and animal life. Foraging along the coastline is sure to give you plenty of meals without paying a dime. Intrigued? Let's talk about coastal foraging in Southern California. If you’d like to learn more about getting into Foraging, check out […]
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How to Use Dowsing Rods to Find Water Depth

For (literally) thousands of years human beings have been on the hunt for efficient and accurate ways to find water buried under the ground. And while today we are lucky enough to take advantage of incredibly advanced modern technology that lets us find water (sometimes from what feels like miles away), our ancient ancestors didn’t […]
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What is the Easiest Wood to Whittle?

We’ve all been there, asking ourselves that question. At least all beginner wood whittlers looking to wet their feet with this new hobby have. It’s easy to assume that pine, cedar, redwood or even cherry and maple— all of which are some of the most popular woods people pick to work with on woodworking projects […]
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How to Choose the Best Wood for Carving Spoons

Wooden spoons have become immensely popular as one of the first items most whittlers choose to do. For amateur carvers, crafting wooden spoons can be a source of pleasure and yield an end product that can be put to good use. It is important, however, to not only understand which woods make the best spoons, […]
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What to Wear to Paintball: A Guide From Head to Toe

You already know the bare requirements of safety gear at this point; a mask. You might also know that you can rent everything you need from the field you’re going to play at. But what else should you bring? What should you wear to paintball? Headwear, layers, and good shoes! None of these are essential […]
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Is Drinking a Hobby?

Drinking Alcohol is an Enjoyable Activity for Many. But is it a Hobby? Alcohol consumption has been a popular diversion for as long as man has been able to ferment, and with the sheer range and availability of alcoholic beverages and spirits, it is unsurprising that over half of Americans report enjoying an alcoholic beverage […]
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Can Fish Sleep With The Aquarium Light On?

As a beginner to fish keeping, you may have many questions about the lighting in your aquarium. Which lighting color is best? How does the lighting help the fish? Will my fish sleep well with the aquarium lights on? We'll explore the answers to your lighting questions. Is Lighting Important? All creatures do best in […]
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