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Is There a Demand for 3D Printing?

With 3D printing becoming more and more popular you might want to start using it as a production took for your business. Have you thought about printing on demand for people? Or selling your designs? But if everyone else with a 3D printer is thinking the same thing, is there a demand for 3D printing? […]
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Is 3D Printing an Expensive Hobby?

Having a 3D printer at home is like having a genie granting all your plastic-making wishes. Will you need to sell your arm, leg, and maybe a kidney to afford to have a genie at home? Is 3D printing an expensive hobby? 3D printing is an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. If […]
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How Much Does It Cost to 3D Print?

Knowing the cost of a hobby is something many people consider before getting into a new hobby. After all, if you’re worried about how much something is costing you, are you really going to enjoy it? With that being said, you must be wondering how much does it cost to 3D print? The real answer […]
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