11 Hobbies for Father and Sons | Start a new hobby together

There is nothing more critical in a father-son relationship than spending time together doing something they can both enjoy There are many different hobbies available today that can help strengthen that bond and help create a lifetime of memories. There are always those basic and over-done hobbies out there for you to try, like walking, gardening, learning to paint. However, if you want something a little more exciting and a lot less monotonous, here is a list of 11 great hobbies a father and son can do together.

Learning how to play the guitar is a beautiful hobby that can genuinely help improve a relationship.

Learning the Guitar

Boxing is one of the oldest forms of martial arts. It has become a popular sport over the years, but it is still great for learning self-defense and getting into shape.


Wood Carving

You can start small when first learning to carve wood, like making an arrow out of a stick. After some time, you could learn to love the craft and create giant bears sitting on a tree stump or something just as impressive.

Wood Carving Learning the Guitar Boxing Geocaching / Metal Detecting Backpacking / Bushcraft Knife Throwing Restoring Old Cars Building a Boxcar Magic Star Gazing Leather Crafting

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