11 Hobbies for Intellectuals (IQ Improving Hobbies)

Having a hobby is something that people take up based on a passion or interest. For some, however, their passion is the pursuit of intelligence and improving their IQ, which isn’t something that many would consider being a “hobby”. Whether you already have a high level of intelligence or this is something that you are looking to improve, there are certain hobbies that you can take up to further boost your level of intelligence, regardless of the starting point. Below, we cover some of the best hobbies for intellectuals. These are not your basic hobbies that are based on academia, they are instead ones that will enrich your life and stimulate your brain in multiple ways.

Music triggers areas of the brain that are simply not possible with any form of stimulation. Listening to music can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve mood, and boost mental focus and clarity.

Learn a Musical Instrument

Reading can be an individual pastime or something that you can do as a group by joining a book club. Reading is something that all intellects have in common as it provides multiple benefits both through fiction and non-fiction reading.



This one can be a bit more of an expensive hobby depending on the frequency and where you are traveling to but traveling, in general, is an excellent hobby for broadening your mind and experiencing new things (cultures, foods, personalities, etc…).

- Sudoku - Chess - Puzzles - Pub Quiz - Crosswords - Learn a Musical Instrument - Meditation - Reading - Learning a New Language - Travelling - Exercise and Sports

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