11 Hobbies for Middle-Aged Men

With the right hobby, there is nothing middle of the road about middle-age! With family and career in cruise control, the middling years can feel more than just a little boring. Of course, there are the day-to-day responsibilities to tackle, but that young, reckless adventurer may not be who you find looking back at you in the mirror.

Auto Detailing

If you have already taken the plunge and purchased that shiny fast car, why not make a hobby of learning how to treat it right? Car detailing is all about the skillful upkeep and maintenance of a vehicle, inside and out.


Those of you who remember rocking a pair of Vans and trying to Ollie like Tony Hawk may appreciate this laidback form of skateboarding which is easy to pick up.

Join a Gospel Choir

Have you ever thought about lifting your voice in song? Singing as part of a choir is very forgiving even on the most tuneless of voices and if you enjoy the rhythm and energy of contemporary gospel music or jazz this is definitely for you:

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