11 Hobbies for the Partially Sighted

Looking for hobbies for the partially sighted? If you are partially sighted and are looking for hobbies and activities or searching for hobbies for a relative or friend with visual impairment you have come to the right place! We have put our hobby heads together to curate a list of 11 engaging hobbies that can be enjoyed by partially sighted individuals.


Blogging is a really inclusive hobby that can also be monetized to generate good income. You can type your blogs if you are able or use a voice-to-text app on your computer or phone.


If you have an artistic leaning you can work with a variety of materials to create beautiful pieces of art. Tactile hobbies like sculpture take the pressure off your eyes because you use your sense of touch.


Weaving is a great handicraft to master and makes a great hobby for people of all ages and abilities. You can work with all sorts of materials, from yarn, to shredded fabric, straw or plastic.

Blogging Sculpture Podcasting Cooking Perfumery Gardening Learning Tooling Learning Languages Dance Weaving/Loom Bands Oil Painting

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