11 Hobbies that Look Impressive on a Resume

When you think of a resume, the first thing that comes to your mind might be professional experience and education. Did you know that hobbies can be an essential part of your resume too? Skills that employers look for like teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and attention to detail can be obtained through various hobbies.

Yoga is more popular now than ever before. If you practice yoga, you might not know that it’s worth including on your resume. Employers like this hobby because it shows them that you are calm and in control of your emotions.


Even if your blog page views are non-existent, your hard work is not in vain. All this while you have been honing valuable and useful skills you can use in other areas of life.



Photography is so much more than just taking pictures. This hobby is valuable for specific positions like graphic designer, creative director at a digital agency, event planner, or social media manager.

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