11 Hobbies To Help Fight Depression

Overcoming depression is an ongoing war with the maintenance of diet, sleep, self-care, and its daily battles, requiring considerable personal strength and resolve. If you are entering a season where you feel able to build on the basics and introduce a new dimension to day-to-day life, taking up a hobby could help you consolidate and improve your quality of life. In this short article, we share 11 great hobbies that you may find supportive in your recovery. If you are taking medications or participating in therapies, you may find it helpful to get advice about your planned pastime.


Pottery is an excellent pastime where you practice making things with your hands, regardless of your ability or expertise.


Learn to create woven shawls or decorative panels to gift or sell to others.


Calligraphy is a great mental workout as you will be sitting and concentrating for a prolonged period.

- Cooking - Knitting - Equestrianism - Gardening - Pottery - Weaving - Calligraphy - Woodworking - Walking - Creative Writing - Powerlifting

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