14 Best Hobbies for Doctors at Weekends

As a doctor, you may be tempted to focus entirely on your career. Resultantly your life becomes your work. You don't have time to do much else, do you? Well, the constant focus on work tends to catch up. Apart from inevitable burnouts, your relationship with your loved ones will suffer. Which is why you must use your time outside of work for non-medicine related activities. It gives you the balance you need to live a fulfilled life. Most importantly, you are not going to be a physician forever. At some point, you are going to have to say goodbye to practicing medicine. Getting hobbies that define you outside the doctor's office will help you to better manage the transition into retirement.


After a long week, chores are the last thing on your mind. But, organizing is a practical hobby that you might thoroughly enjoy.  When you take the time to organize your surroundings, it gives you a renewed sense of purpose. Not only that, but it will help reduce preparation time for everything else, reducing stress.

Playing an Instrument

There is something therapeutic about music. Not only does it have a calming effect, but it also helps with mood enhancement. Amplify the relaxing effect of music by creating your own. It's a great way to de-stress.


There's no denying that the work of a doctor is demanding. But through meditation, doctors can learn to be mindful even in emergencies, creating a greater sense of calm and ultimately less stress.

- Organizing - Playing an Instrument - Meditation - Mentoring - Comedy - Go Extreme - Making Dolls and Teddy Bears - Gardening - Pottery - Painting - Making Jewelry - Writing - Team Sports - Outdoor Activities - Endurance Sports - Fishing

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