14 Hobbies that make Men more attractive to Women

There's no valid reason why men shouldn't take up a hobby. The benefits outweigh the limitations by far. If it doesn't keep you in good physical shape, it will expand your networks, improve your career prospects, or increase your knowledge. Some hobbies are also guaranteed to make you an attractive potential partner. While the most evident aspect of a man's attractiveness is his physical appearance, it's not the only one. There are activities you can take up to improve your chances of finding love. If you're looking to channel your energy into something new after a hard day's work or over the weekend, you're off to a great start. Here are 14 hobbies that make men more attractive to women.


If you're the stereotypical kind holding on to old ideas of gender roles in a relationship, step aside. Men who can cook are hot!

Playing a Musical Instrument

Women will swoon over men who play an instrument, and there's research to prove it. A man who plays an instrument shows an emotional side that men don't usually show.

Competitive Sports

Women generally love the competitive side of men and how aggressive they look on the pitch or court. What's even more attractive is watching you take home that win.

Cooking Playing a Musical Instrument Competitive Sports Reading Exercising Traveling Photography Gardening Dancing Pet Keeping Outdoor Activities Yoga Volunteering Learning other languages

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