21 Hobbies  For Single Men Looking for Friendship

Does Your Social Life Need a Reboot? If so, a New Hobby Might be Just the Solution! If you have found yourself being a bit of a homebody of late, taking up a new pastime could be just the thing for livening up your downtime. Not only does a hobby provide a change of scene or escape from the monotony of the 9 to 5, but you also are likely to meet new people, and hopefully gain a good friend or two in the process. There are simply hundreds of hobbies to choose from, each with its own skillset, challenge, and community of enthusiasts who can be reached directly or virtually.


We are sure that you will enjoy being creative with clay, and taking a local pottery class is perfect for meeting new people of both sexes in your community.


Snowboarding is an excellent hobby that will help you develop decision making and self-awareness skills. It's a terrific way to push your limits and challenge fears, let alone the fact that you have to go outside during winter.


Woodworking is an excellent man-skill to have to hand. If you have not picked up a saw since high school, take a woodworking evening class to master the basic techniques and joints.

- Obstacle Course Racing - Geocoaching - Fencing - Pottery - Deep sea Fishing - Gardening - Woodworking - Foreign Languages - Free Running - Walking or Hiking - Cooking - Cycling - Sailing - Smoking Meat - Circus Skills - Line Dancing - Animal Rescue

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