17 Hobbies for Single Women that will Help Find a Man

Are you Looking for the Love of Your Life? The pace and demands of college and career have meant that it is now harder than ever for women to establish meaningful connections for building a long-term relationship or marriage. However, there is hope. By being decisive and proactive about your desire for a mate you can develop interests, hobbies, and pastimes that can not only enrich you culturally and emotionally but also are rich in opportunity for meeting that special someone.


If you love traveling and the great outdoors, you’ll find that hiking is one of the best ways of meeting a like-minded partner. Join your local walking group or perhaps a group that volunteers to maintain one of the hiking trails you love.


Kayaking is increasing in popularity around the world, especially as a means of enjoying urban waterways like canals and rivers. Group paddling is not only an excellent workout but also increases the opportunity to get to know someone new in an activity where you all have to work together.


Playing chess is certainly a meeting of minds and you may find yourself encountering an opponent who becomes a lifelong friend and partner while playing chess competitively at an amateur level.

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