21 Awesome Hobbies for Teen Girls (Not your usual boring hobbies)

If you’re a teenage girl, you either a) have lots of energy to get rid of or b) are exhausted from the trials of teenage life (school, relationships, hormones, etc). Either way, what you need is a hobby. There are plenty of fun and creative hobbies that can help you let off a bit of steam, relax, and enjoy some much-needed stress-relief.


If you like hobbies that involve plenty of physical activity, paintball may be your thing. How do you do it? First off, you’ll need a paintball gun and somewhere deserted to play.

Bird Watching

Do you love birds? If not, this hobby may not be for you… but if you do, it’s perfect. Bird watching is quite simple: all that you do is find an ideal location to watch birds and enjoy their often graceful, sometimes silly behavior.

Martial Arts

If you are a natural warrior, martial arts may be the perfect hobby for you! If not, it could still be an excellent way to develop your assertive side and learn to defend yourself.

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