21 Hobbies forĀ  Men and Women over 60

You have a lifetime of real-world experience that can be plowed into the mastery of a hobby and if you choose a group activity, lots to share with your fellow participants. Pursuing a hobby successfully will require the investment of time and resources but the rewards are satisfying. A new pastime can be an outlet for productivity and building confidence as the pace of life changes.

Historical Reenactments

History buffs can not only re-live the atmosphere and drama of past historical events but also put on a great demonstration to teach and inspire children and young people about history.

Open Mic Poetry Slams

If you have done a limited amount of public speaking in your life, exercising your lyrical skills in a poetry slam will take you straight outta your comfort zone. But for the literary-minded, open mic sessions will provide a great creative outlet where you can meet a new and diverse range of people.

Guitar Building

Building your own acoustic or electric guitar is a great goal. You may have always wanted to own a legendary Fender Stratocaster, but you can go one better by crafting your perfect set of strings!

Boatbuilding Historical Reenactments Open Mic Poetry Slams Carriage Driving Vlogging Tough Mudder Stonemasonry Guitar Building Lego Storm Chasing Pickling and Fermenting

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