21 Most Popular Hobbies Worldwide

When it comes to relaxation and destressing in your daily life, there are few activities that are more effective than spending some time on your favorite hobbies. Making sure you balance out the time you have for work, and the time you have to enjoy yourself, is key to ensuring you live both a productive but also healthy life. Hobbies can benefit you in numerous ways such as boosting confidence, lowering stress levels, inspiring creativity, as well as giving you a distraction from daily worries. Whether you have some hobbies already or are looking to start one for the first time, join us in taking a look at the most popular hobbies in the world, and perhaps you’ll find one (or more) that is right for you.


Gardening is a relatively accessible hobby that can provide you with visible rewards for your time spent, as well as being a great way to unwind.


In terms of relaxation, most people who enjoy fishing will tell you it is up there with the best of the hobbies. Being out in nature for hours on end can provide ample time to just sit and soak in your surroundings, the choice of which is up to you.

Arts and Crafts

This is an excellent hobby to get into with surprisingly little initial investment.

Reading Television and/or Online Streaming Services Movies Online Gaming Hiking Playing and/or Listening to Music Yoga Cooking Running Cycling Writing Collecting Swimming Camping Board Games Learning a Language Baking DIY Projects

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