21 New Hobbies  to Start During Quarantine

This year has been a strange one for all of us. Whether you have had to stay at home because of quarantine, or you've had to work from home, a lot of the hobbies and activities we used to enjoy simply aren't are not able to be participated in at this time. Within this article we will go over some hobbies and activities you can start whilst in quarantine that will hopefully help entertain you and pass the extra time you may have on your hands.

Cocktail Making

One hobby that can be especially good at helping to alleviate the boredom of being stuck inside is cocktail making. Most people probably have a cupboard somewhere in their house with a bunch of half-drunk bottles of various alcohols that, with the right recipe, can become a tasty treat.

Bread Baking

During quarantine, most of us have come to realize the value of everyday commodities such as bread. Leaving the house simply isn't an option for some people anymore so finding ways to be self-sufficient has become crucial.

Make your own Home Cinema

Going to the movies is a pastime enjoyed by so many people and an experience like no other. However, in quarantine, it's impossible to go out to your favorite movie theater to see the latest blockbuster or any older films they may be rescreening.

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