7 Hobbies to do with Your Hands

Do you often find that you fidget with your hands, or are just otherwise restless? Something that could be beneficial for you might be to take up a hobby you can do with your hands. Within this article we will go over 7 different hobbies that may help you to keep your hands busy and also be productive at the same time.


If you would like a hobby that can both increase your dexterity and provide a way to express your creativity to make gifts and decorations, you should consider woodworking.

Repairing Technology

Another hobby that can let you busy your hands and also offer you an avenue to keep productive is repairing technology. Most people will have some old tech that, for whatever reason, no longer works but could provide some utility if it could be restored.


A creative hobby that is all about using your hands to form a personalized item, is Pottery. This hobby allows you to express your creativity and make things such as vases and other ornaments and decorations.

- Model Building - Card Tricks - Origami - Learning an Instrument - Pottery - Repairing Technology - Woodworking

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