9 Hobbies That Become Popular at Christmas

There's something special about the Christmas season where all of a sudden, interests that people have, pick up and become a craze. It might be the excitement of the season, the weather, traditions, or the fact that people have a lot more time for that specific hobby. Here are 9 hobbies that become popular at Christmas.


The art of decoupage is suitable for any time of the year as there's no limit to making surfaces look beautiful. The word d├ęcoupage originates from the word 'decouper' in French, which means to cut from, cut away or cut out.

Guest Hosting

Some people have that superpower of hosting guests for several hours or even days without losing their minds. Having people over for food and drink or a sleepover is their favorite thing to do. No matter what time of the year it is, hosting takes a lot of preparation.


Whether you have a great singing voice or not, you can still sing along to your favorite song at any time of the year. You might join your local church choir to sing during Sunday service, or maybe you enjoy karaoke nights with friends at the neighborhood bar. During Christmas, singing becomes even more popular as a hobby.

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