That Will Make You Smarter


As the old saying goes, no man (or woman) is really happy or safe without a hobby. Hobbies are ways in which we can carry out our passions recreationally and can cover a large range of activities – from watching Netflix to playing video games. While these are valid hobbies, they may not be the most productive in nature. What I mean by productive hobbies are those which can help you enhance your productivity levels and make you smarter, faster.

One of the more obvious choices of hobbies that will help to improve your intelligence and sharpen your mind is playing brainteaser games. These require you to think in unconventional ways and challenge the way you would normally go about solving problems.

Pick up a musical instrument Learning to play a new instrument is a hobby that not only helps to stimulate your brain but also aids in improving a variety of cognitive functions, namely the ability to memorize things (such as a piece of music).

Try Meditating The practice of meditation is one which is not just good for your physiological health, but your mental capabilities too! Several studies have shown that after just a few days of short bursts of meditating, participants showed significant improvements in both their memory and cognition, with the added bonus of lower stress levels.

Learn a New Language Play 'brainster' games Pick up a musical instrument Try Meditating Jot Down your Thoughts Try out a new book Check out an online class Stay Active