11 Extreme Hobbies  Only For the Adventurous

If you would consider yourself a bit of a thrill seeker and normal hobbies just don't quite cut it for you, maybe you would be interested in hobbies of a more extreme nature. Within this article we will explore 11 extreme hobbies, not for the faint-hearted, that might appeal to the daredevils among you.


One of the most popular extreme hobbies on this list, Skydiving is enjoyed by many people around the world.


An extreme hobby, that can be beneficial in enhance traits such as problem-solving, physical fitness, balance, and orientation, Parkour was initially developed for military training.


This extreme hobby is very popular and offers the chance to travel through a dirt course on a motorbike at high speeds, often with terrain such that you spend some time airborne

- Whitewater Rafting - Hang Gliding - Skydiving - Bungee Jumping - Parkour - Motocross - Freediving - Rock Climbing - Downhill Mountain Biking - Snowboarding - Surfing

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