Hobbies for People with ADHD | 11 Hobbies that Help Sufferers

In a world that's already tough, ADHD makes it even tougher. People living with ADHD will often cope with medication. In other cases, professionals will advise them to ask for help when they feel overwhelmed or put an organization system in place so that they can focus on specific tasks. What they'll rarely hear, is that engaging in exciting hobbies that keep the mind active, plays a huge role in reducing the effects of ADHD. The right hobbies will improve your concentration and help reduce hyperactivity too. Here are 11 hobbies for people with ADHD:


It's common knowledge that regular exercise increases the 'feel-good' hormones in our bodies, also known as endorphins. If you have ADHD, exercise has the same effect on the brain as ADHD medication by alleviating your symptoms and keeping you focused.


Gardening will help with relieving your ADHD symptoms. Several studies have demonstrated that spending extended periods outdoors with nature is a form of therapy for children with ADHD.


Legos are fun toys for adults too. They stimulate the mind and keep the hands active. The amazing thing about Lego is that when you finish building a figure or structure, you can break it apart and then create another one. You get to demonstrate your creativity without getting bored.

- Exercise - Toys - Sports - Gardening - Art (Drawing/Painting) - Music - Knitting - Journaling - Camping - Meditation - Brain Puzzles/Games

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