Hobbies for Senior Citizens  11 Perfect Hobbies

Your golden years are meant to be just that - honored, enjoyed, and cherished. You might have a little more time on your hands these days and some interest to start a new hobby. There’s no rule saying new hobbies are just for kids! It’s time to start thinking outside the box. New hobbies can be bodacious and challenging. They can open new doors and introduce you to a world you never knew existed. Consider this roundup of 11 perfect hobbies for senior citizens your invitation to begin your next adventure.


The smell of fresh pine, fresh dirt on your shoes, and the promise of a hearty lunch afterward. Sign me up! Hiking is a limitless hobby and can be as leisurely or challenging as you wish it to be. It can be as simple as finding a local park to stroll around with your friends or researching increasingly difficult treks.


It might seem boring, but meditation is an exploration through your mind. Some fantastic apps can help guide your path by helping you begin a meditation practice and stick to it. Not only can this mental skill enhance your understanding of yourself, but it can also test your discipline.

Magic Tricks

If magic has always fascinated you, this is a great option for you. Start with cards and work your way up to making cutlery disappear! Your kids or grandkids are sure to get a kick out of this new hobby of yours. Find some fun tutorials on YouTube or a book at your local library.

- Become a Guerilla Gardener - Magic Tricks - Yoga Teacher - Improv and Comedy - Brewing Beer - Travel Tours - Cycling - Meditation - Learning a New Language - Sommelier Class - Hiking

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