11 Hobbies For Women In Their 40s

40 never looked so good, right? You've hit the big 40, you are at the top of your career with all your ducks in a row. Or maybe you're a full-time mom, you devoted all your time to your kids (and you aced it too) but now they’re all grown up and don't need you as much. Whichever your situation, your 40 and you're rocking it, but you don't know what else to do with yourself. You’re in luck, here are some ideas for great pastime activities for women in their fourties. Let's dive right in.

Party Planning/Hosting

Become the designated party planner. The go-to guy your friends reach out to when they need help. Nothing professional, just some fun time helping out your circle.

Photo Editing

You've been so busy all this time; you probably don't remember the last time you bothered with a good photo of yourself. Why not start now? Taking photos of yourself and others and editing them to give them some spark. It will be fun learning how to create great images.


It's never too late to begin a collection. You can start collecting anything really. Old relics, stamps, jewelry whatever you are drawn to. Collecting is a fun hobby that will keep you absorbed.

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