11 Hobbies for Kids that Won’t Break the Bank

Even if you’re on a budget, fun doesn’t need to be in short supply - there are lots of activities for you and your kids that won’t break the bank. Take a look at the 11 best, most affordable hobbies, below!


When you first think of origami, you may not think of it as an activity for kids - many origami creations can be a bit complex, even for adults, after all!

Flower or Leaf Pressing

Perhaps you have a child or two that bring you flowers to admire and smell? If so, flower pressing was made for them! This can be a perfect activity for the flower-rich months of spring and summer.

Candle Making

Most kids can appreciate nice smells, and the light of a candle couldn’t be cozier (especially for kids that are scared of the dark). When making candles, first, you pick your base (paraben wax, soy, coconut oil, or another combination).

- Origami - Flower or Leaf Pressing - Candle Making - Sculpting Fun Things with Polymer Clay - Gardening - Soap Making - Hiking - Raising Butterflies - Foraging - Puppet Show - Camping in the Backyard

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