7 Hobbies for Longterm Hospital Patients

If you are facing a long-term hospital stay, and you’re not sure how you’ll stay entertained and productive, never fear! There are many people with chronic illnesses who are often bedridden, yet live fulfilling lives. They do this by 1) resting when they need to (also important) and 2) by keeping themselves occupied with hobbies when the energy is available! During your hospital stay, you can likewise keep your spirits up and continue to take part in life meaningfully by learning, and by developing an enjoyable skill or two. To get you started, here are the top 7 hobbies for longterm hospital patients, below:

Sculpting with Polymer Clay

Sculpting with polymer clay is one of the best hobbies for long-term hospital patients out there. It is a low-energy, therapeutic activity, yet it is fun enough to stimulate the senses. What can you do with polymer clay?


Blogging is an excellent way to stay in touch with the outside world during your hospital stay. Share past experiences and your personal thoughts and feelings, as well as how you feel about current events, self-made recipes, and so on.


You may think knitting is only something that grandmothers can do. It’s true, they have some legendary skill. But anyone can learn to knit, really.

- Sculpting with Polymer Clay - Blogging - Knitting - Video Games - Learn A New Language - Reading or Listening to Audiobooks - Jewelry Making

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