17 Hobbies for Young Women Between 18 and 30

As a young woman, you might be pretty busy with your schooling or career. If so, you’re probably in need of some fun and stress-relief. Or, perhaps you’re simply bored and hoping to try something new? Either way, this list of 17 hobbies for young women between 18 and 30 may have just what you’re looking for:

Gardening indoors can be a really lovely hobby. It’s a learning process - we don’t all start out with a green thumb - but it can be rewarding to have your own leafy pets to care for.


Along with choosing tank companions that will get along, you will also need to know their preferred water conditions as far as temperature and pH. Provide these with a water filter.

Fish Keeping

Jam Making

Believe it or not, all that you need to make fresh homemade jam are heaps of berries, some pectin or gelatin, and sugar. You can pick berries in the wild (as long as you know the toxic berries to avoid), at home, or pick up some in-season at the store.

- Nail Art - Gardening (Indoor) - Soap Making - Fish Keeping - Jam Making - Candle Making - Calligraphy - Meditation - Bird Keeping - Jewelry Making - Sculpting - Video Games - Foraging - Plushie Making - Gardening (Outdoor) - Kickboxing - Bird Watching

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