Interesting Hobbies to Try in 2021 | 7 Wacky Hobbies

Perhaps you’ve given some of the most well-known hobbies a try already, and you’re looking for something new. Everyone needs a hobby or three to learn, to experience, and to keep life fun and interesting, above all. Well, look no further! If you’d like some fun and interesting hobby ideas, here are 7 you won’t have thought about before:

Candy Making

If you like sweets, candy making is a hobby you will certainly want to look into. By learning to make candy, you can create your own sweets at home, free of preservatives, or other undesirable ingredients.


There are some things you will absolutely need to know before you begin foraging, however. First off, you’ll need to be aware of any poisonous plants, mushrooms, etc. growing in your area, as well as any toxic edible lookalikes.

Soap Making

Not only can you choose whatever delicious, bracing, or dreamy fragrance you choose, but you can hand-pick the ingredients, as well. This means no parabens, chemicals... that sort of thing. If you have sensitive skin, homemade soap is sure to be a lifesaver.

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