Strange Hobbies  7 Strange and Weird Hobbies

Let's face it, life is way too short to waste time on boring stuff. In the search for excitement, people have found some interesting ways of spending their free time. Here's a list of 7 strange and weird hobbies. Some of these are just unusual, dangerous, or downright cray-cray. One thing for sure, strange things do happen in this world.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is a daring sport in which people iron their clothes from the craziest of places. You can do extreme ironing from mountainsides, canoes, or on top of statues.

Crayon and Egg Carving

When most of us see a crayon, we only think of coloring. However, some people carve masterpieces out of wax crayons. This hobby might be strange, but it is very creative.

Imitating Animal Sounds

That might sound like something you would hear in a kindergarten class. But people do take part in competitive mooing, dressed up in cow costumes too! That must take a lot of practice.

- Bug Fighting - Barf Bag Collection - Imitating Animal Sounds - Train Surfing - Crayon and Egg Carving - Extreme Ironing - Toy Voyaging

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