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We started ‘Hobby Know How’ because we genuinely believe finding an enjoyable hobby is detrimental to our mental health, well being, and overall life satisfaction and happiness. This belief is also scientifically backed by numerous studies and considerations. 

We offer quality findings and advice on a vast collection of hobbies and pastimes. Our website will provide you with any details and information that is necessary to get you started with your pursuit. All of our writers are highly skilled and experienced in the area for which they write. The writers will offer ideas and fact check any of the latest information or fads.

Our primary focus here at ‘Hobby Know How’ is to provide you with all the essential facts and information you need to start with your new hobby. We understand the importance of having all of the data for many different hobbies available at one convenient location. All of our skilled writers are experts in their fields. You can rest assured knowing you have the most recent and trustworthy information available. 

Our Mission 

Here, at ‘Hobby Know How,’ It is our mission to provide users with a convenient site to find any details and instruction necessary to begin a new hobby. With so many possibilities out there, it can be challenging to decide which hobby is the best fit for you.

We will make that task much simpler by taking the research portion that is necessary to start a new hobby off your hands. 

You can find out about any hobbies you are considering from experts on the subject. What sets us apart from others in the industry is our high quality of expert-written content. At ‘Hobby Know How,’ we don’t believe that quantity equates to quality, and we thoroughly research all of the topics for which we write. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Senior Editor

julie red

Julie Red - Arts and Crafts expert, experienced seamstress, and online art classes and instruction

Julie is certified in pattern making and fashion design with over 30 years of experience. She is an experienced seamstress and instructor of the craft. 

Julie possesses exceptional sewing and crafting skills and is here to answer any questions you may have to get started with sewing and other related hobbies. 

Julie strongly believes that the world of crafting and artwork can make every person’s life much brighter through self-expression and creativity. She wants to share all of her experiences with you as a seamstress and an artist and help you get your own creative journey started.  

Assistant Editor

Peter Smyth

Peter Smyth - Electronics specialist, electronics repair, specializes in amateur radio

Peter has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering Technology and years of experience in the field. While he has a vast knowledge of electronic repair in general, he specializes in the operation and repair of ham radio. 

Peter will answer any and all questions you may have on the operation, troubleshooting, or ham radio equipment repair. From ham radio and electronic accessories and antennas to assemblies, clamps, and hardware Peter has the expertise to assist you. 

You can be sure he has all the data to help you get your new amateur radio hobby underway.  

Meet Our Expert Writers 

mary jenson

Mary Jenson

Health and wellbeing life coach and an expert in herbal and alternative medicines and treatments.

 If you’re looking for an expert in alternative medicine, Mary is the right person for you. 

She has a unique perspective in alternative therapies and treatments and over 30 years of experience in the field. From the latest holistic practices to the best of Western medicine, Mary will have the know-how to direct you towards the right answer and information you seek. 

 Mary’s expertise includes growing and picking herbs, teaching or counseling about the use of herbs as medicine, nutrition, and manufacturing of herbal supplements. 

Her training includes botany and plant identification, biochemistry, nutrition, pharmacology, and human physiology.
 Jeff Todd

Jeff Todd

Outdoors expert, survivalist, camping, hiking, and mountain rescue, and volunteer.

 Jeff is a volunteer with a search and rescue team and has all the experience necessary to answer any questions on this subject. 

He is available to answer questions or fact-check any information you need help with verifying. His expertise includes search and rescue, wilderness and mountain rescue, and camping. 

 Jeff will provide you with all the latest news and information from camping, hiking, mountain rescue, and volunteer to survival tips and tricks.
 You can also learn about exciting adventures in rock climbing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities for which you have found a new passion.

 He will also provide everything you need to know to begin your new hobby safely.
charle anson

Charlie Anson

Travel expert, an expert in air travel, and professional travel blogger.

  Charlie has well over 35 years of experience in travel journalism and blogging. 

He is a globetrotter with a passion for traveling and has visited countless countries. 

He has all the information you will need to get started with writing your travel blog. 

 Charlie has a passion for travel. He enjoys coming up with different travel itineraries to help him gain a deeper understanding of the world around him.

 He hopes to share with you his experiences and tips to travel on a budget and, most of all, travel safely.
Lyndsey Hutchinson

Lyndsey Hutchinson

Food expert and journalist.

Lyndsey has degrees in culinary arts and journalism. Like most other experts in the field, Lyndsey loves to cook and sample different foods from all over the world then share her experiences, opinions, recommendations, and thoughts on each delicious bite. 

 Lyndsey has traveled far and wide to taste foods and share her food tasting experiences with everyone. 

She can easily distinguish the distinct specific characteristics of every food item or dish she tastes and gives you the necessary ingredients to prepare the dish.
Karl fisher

Karl Fisher

Pet expert - Certified veterinarian

As a pet expert and animal advocate Karl understands all things related to owning and caring for your pet. 

He is a passionate animal lover, expert, and licensed veterinarian with over 18 years of experience. Karl is a highly empathetic and skillful veterinarian with a vast knowledge of animals of all types and from every part of the world. 

 Karl can provide you with everything you need to know about all types of animals. He practices veterinary medicine and treatments of all types of diseases, disorders, and injuries in animals. 

Karl is educated in animal behaviors and related subjects such as wildlife biology, animal biology, zoology, and ecology. 
Albert Benfred: Book expert and historian

Albert Benfred

Book expert and historian.

  Albert has a degree in library science and history with years of experience providing literary information to clients. 

He’s a certified book historian with expertise in gathering historical data from various sources to develop an expert conclusion. He is highly skilled in analyzing and interpreting data to identify all literary works' history and authenticity. 

 Albert is a lover of all things literary-related and the history of each publication to his core. He has extensive knowledge of composition from all over the world and the history behind them. 

His endless knowledge of literature and its history goes far beyond that of a standard education realm. Albert can assist you with all of your questions about literature in all fields and orbits.