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31 Card Games You Can Play With a Single Deck of Cards




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Playing a game of cards has been a popular pastime for many generations. Card games are fantastic for get-togethers and family time since they can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of skill level.

Also, the decks are simple to carry, and the games themselves are plenty of fun.

Card games are popular all around the world, and you only need one deck of cards to play them all. A deck of playing cards is a truly universal and valuable item to have! 

In the following list of card games that can be played with one deck of cards, you’ll find newly developed games and traditional card games that have endured the test of time.

Continue reading for a list of some of my favorite card games that can be played with a standard 52-card deck.

NameNumber of PlayersCategoryExplanation of the Rules 
Poker2-10ultimate bluffing gameRules
Rummy2-6classic matching gameRules
Gin Rummy2for just two playersRules
Slapjack4-8game which involves reflexes and speedRules
Pyramid1solitaire-style card gameRules
Cribbage 2for just two playersRules
Bridge4for four players in partnershipsRules
Cheat 3-13for older children and for a larger group of peopleRules
Blackjack 2-7classic gambling gameRules
Crazy Eights2 or more players suitable for younger childrenRules
Klondike1solitaire-style card gameRules
Mao2-7shedding type gameRules
Hearts3-7trick-taking gameRules
President3-16classic climbing game for a larger groupRules
Yukon 1solitaire-style card gameRules
Pitch 4classic trick-taking game which can be played in teamsRules
Nertz 2-6fast-paced gameRules
Euchre4for four players in partnershipsRules
5004for four players in partnershipsRules
FreeCell1solitaire-style card gameRules
Blitz2-12casino-style card gameRules
Egyptian Rat Screw2 and morematching gameRules
Fan Tan3-6family game for older childrenRules
Oh Hell3-7a trick-taking game for an odd number of playersRules
Golf2-6family game for older childrenRules
Baccaratup to 14 playerscasino-style card gameRules
Spades4for four players in partnershipsRules
Durak2-6shedding card gameRules
Accordion1solitaire-style card gameRules
Buraco4for four players in partnershipsRules
Pai Gow Pokerminimum 7 playerscasino-style card gameRules

1. Poker

Poker cards on a playing green table with chips

Due to poker’s widespread fame in popular culture, practically everyone has at least heard of it. If you want a taste of the game, all you have to do is watch some classic James Bond movies.

The thrill of a live poker game is unmatched by anything seen on screen.

And there’s a reward for all skill levels, from the odds-calculator strategist to the keen observer who knows when players are bluffing.

The aim of playing poker is to build a large enough chip stack to win the pot.

Having the finest possible five-card hand is one approach to winning, but bluffing your way to victory with a worse hand is another. You can take the game as seriously or casually as you desire.

If you’ve never played poker before, you should give it a shot at least once. This is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Rummy

Woman’s hand holding four aces

Rummy is one of many games in the category of card games based on the concept of combining individual cards into sets. 

To win at Rummy, you need to make the most of your hands of sets and combinations, timing your exit to minimize your losses as much as possible. 

3. Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy the winning hand with the deck , discard pile and second player cards

This two-player card game is a must-try for fans of strategy games. Gin, or Gin Rummy, requires nothing more than a basic 52-card deck to have a good time. 

Each card has a numeric value between 1 and 10, with the aces being valued at 1. To win Gin Rummy, you need to be the first player to amass 100 points. 

4. Slapjack

Slapjack is a one-of-a-kind card game.

It combines elements of trick-taking games with those of the well-known American games Spit and Speed to create a fast-paced, exciting, and competitive matching card game. 

In Slapjack, quickness and reflexes are more important than strategy.

5. Pyramid

The name of the game Pyramid takes its name from the unusual starting board arrangement, in which the cards are placed in a pyramid-like fashion with a wide base and a tapering top. 

The game’s fresh take on the traditional Solitaire formula has made it a hit among puzzle fans.

6. Cribbage 

cribbage game card and board on wooden table

Played with a standard deck of playing cards, the objective of Cribbage is to be the first player to reach 121 points by placing pegs on a game board.

To score, players need to form specific scoring combinations, such as threes or pairs. 

Despite the game’s seeming lack of complexity, it really requires a high level of ability, with skilled players significantly beating those with less experience.

Choosing which cards to put in the crib and in what sequence to play the cards in your hand is essential to winning. 

But even kids will have fun figuring out how to rack up the points, and the game’s variability and unpredictability will keep each turn new.

7. Bridge

playing bridge card game on green table

The formal name of the game is Contract Bridge, but the shortened name “Bridge” is the most common usage.

Bridge developed from the 17th century card game Whist. 

Bridge is a trick-taking card game played by two partnerships.

The auction is the initial stage of the game, in which partners seek to convey details about their hands by bidding to reach an optimal deal. 

Following the auction, a member of the opposing team attempts to win as many tricks as possible while using both hands from their partnership.

 8. Cheat

The game “Cheat,” often called “I Doubt It,” has widespread popularity. Kids of all ages have probably given this game a shot at least once.

It’s a classic gathering game that requires a minimum of three people to play. The object of the game is to be the first player to discard all of their cards.

Players are allowed to bluff about which cards they plan to play on a given turn, but getting caught means picking up the entire pile.

9. Blackjack

A Casino Black Jack table

Blackjack, commonly known as the “21 Card Game”, is a popular card game that can be found in casinos all over the world.

Because of its rapid pace and generally even odds, it is a staple of gamblers and players alike. 

This game may be easy to pick up and play, but it also has a surprising amount of depth.

Casino card games like blackjack are common because they are simple to learn yet challenging to master.

The game may also be played at home, and with a few exceptions, it follows the same rules as it does at casinos. 

10. Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a classic card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The game is known for its simple rules and fast-paced gameplay.

The objective of Crazy Eights is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards.

11. Klondike

Klondike differs from standard Solitaire in that its tableaus, or piles of cards in order of decreasing value, are not made up of a single solid suit.

In contrast, tableaus are built with alternating suit cards.

Even more so, Klondike’s objective differs from that of standard Solitaire. In Klondike, your objective is not to build complete tableaus.

Instead, try to fill the four “ace zones” above the standard tableau area by stacking cards in ascending suit order, starting with the aces.

12. Mao

Game of cards

A card game with a twist, Mao is also known as “Mau” or “Mow.” Mao is not like other games with rigid rules; rather, it relies heavily on loose agreements. 

Mao is often called a game with “unspoken rules.”

In Mao, the player is not given any clear directions and must instead figure out the game’s “rules” on their own. In some variants, the guidelines shift from match to match. 

13. Hearts

Hearts is right up there with the best of them in terms of trick-taking games.

The objective is to not take tricks with Hearts, which are worth minus points, and the Queen of Hearts, which is worth a whopping minus 13 points.

When one player reaches 100 points or more, the game is over. The winner is the player with the fewest points.

14. President

Man holding and playing card game

Fun for larger parties, the card game formerly known as “Chairman” or “Scum” pits players against each other in a race to discard all of their cards in order to assume the role of “president” for the next round.

15. Yukon 

playing solitaire card game on wooden table

You’ll need a full deck of cards to play Yukon Solitaire, just like you would for Klondike or Pyramid.

The object of the game is to place all of the cards from the table stacks onto the foundations in numerically decreasing suit order.

The unusual rules of Yukon Solitaire involve rapid thinking and skilled actions, and as a result, the game quickly became a popular choice among Patience players.

16. Nertz

Nertz, sometimes known as “Racing Demon” or “Pounce,” is a real-time multi-player solitaire game. 

To win, you must eliminate cards from your Nertz piles by stacking them vertically on top of shared bases before your opponents can do so. 

17. Pitch 

Mature friends playing cards at home

Pitch, sometimes called “Setback” or “Auction Pitch”, is another enjoyable game. It can be played with three to seven individuals or split into two teams of two.

This game is played with a complete deck and uses trick bidding. The auction winner takes on the role of “pitcher” in the game.

The challenge of Pitch, though, is that there are many regulations, and scoring can be difficult to figure out. Have the guidelines on hand.

You may want to print them off. However, it is a great game and well worth the effort to master.

18. Euchre

A couple playing cards indoors

Euchre is a popular card game in Canada. When played in a relaxed tournament manner, Euchre may have a lot of laughs for everyone involved. 

Surprisingly sociable for a card game with a no-chat rule. Your odds of success improve in proportion to how well you know your partner.

Trusting one’s teammate is just as critical as having a solid game plan.

19. 500

500 is the most beloved card game in Australia.

A game of trick-taking in which partners bid on how many tricks they expect to take. The high bidder gets to swap out multiple cards and choose who gets the trump. 

20. FreeCell

Paul Alfille developed the card game FreeCell in 1978. Since then, it has been incredibly successful and well-known.

Like Spider and Klondike, this timeless classic is primarily played digitally by gamers of all ages worldwide.

In FreeCell, your mission is simple: put the cards from each of the eight columns into one of the four “home cells.”

21. Blitz

Dutch Blitz card game on wooden table

Played with a normal 52-card deck, Blitz is a casino-style card game for two or more players.

This well-liked social card game goes by a number of other names, including “Scat,” “Thirty-One,” and “Ride the Bus.”

The object of the game is to achieve a three-card hand totaling as close to 31 points as possible in a single suit by drawing and discarding cards at each turn.

22. Rat Screw

Players in Egyptian Rat Screw use matching cards to try to win the game.

Inspired by games like Slapjack and others driven by action card games, Egyptian Rat Screw requires reflexes and fast card strikes when certain criteria are met.

23. Fan Tan

This game goes under several names, including “Sevens,” “Domino,” “Parliament,” and “Pay or Play.”

The goal of this simple game is to get rid of all of your cards by playing them according to the game rules.

Fan Tan is an exciting and interesting game that players of all ages can enjoy.

24. Oh Hell

Arranging cards on dark background

No matter what you call it—oh hell, oh pshaw, or blackout—it’s a fantastic card game. It is a great one to master if you enjoy strategizing.

It’s ideal for groups of three to seven people because it doesn’t require partners.

In this trick-taking game, players gamble on how many tricks they believe they can win while the size of their hands grows or shrinks with each round. 

If you bid wisely, you can win even if you’re dealt terrible cards, making this a game that rewards strategy.

25. Golf

A fun and easy game for two players that can also be played with three or more people.

The objective, much like it is in actual golf, is to finish a round of nine holes (or hands) with the lowest possible score.

26. Baccarat

Collecting chips winning baccarat

As with Blackjack, Baccarat is played with a single deck of cards.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy are among the most avid fans of the card game Baccarat, making it a staple at casinos throughout the globe.

In most casinos, the Baccarat tables are set apart from the rest of the gaming area because the game is associated with high rollers and high stakes. 

27. Spades

Spades is a great trick-taking game for four players that originated in the United States in the 1930s and quickly gained popularity.

All tricks must be played with spades as the trump suit, and players must make a predetermined bet on how many tricks they expect to win.

Compared to more relaxed trick-taking games like Euchre, this one calls for more skillful bidding and scoring, so beginners may find it challenging at first.

28. Durak

Durak is a Russian card game with roots in the time of Napoleon’s invasion of the country. The game belongs to the shedding and trick-taking family of card games.

In modern times, Durak has become Russia’s most well-liked card game. The Russian translation of the name “Durak” is “fool.” 

The game is also known as “Attack”, “Russian War”, and the ironically named “Perevodnoy Durak” (transferable fool).

The term stems from the fact that whoever loses each round becomes the “durak” and is responsible for dealing the cards for the next round.

29. Accordion

Accordion, sometimes called “Accordion Solitaire”, is a matching-card game designed for a single player.

If you’re familiar with other variations of the patience game, you’ll notice that Accordion’s rules for creating the board are rather different.

30. Buraco

Rummy-inspired Buraco is a melding card game. It wasn’t until the mid-1940s that it really took off in Argentina and Uruguay. 

Its name, “braggadocio,” comes from the Portuguese word for “hole.”

The game is also widely played in the Middle East, where it is known as “Brazilian Cards” because of its South American roots and its association with the country. 

31. Pai Gow Poker

Poker cards at the casino

Despite being a relatively new invention (in the 1980s), the game has quickly become a favorite with casino-goers all over the world.

To create Pai Gow Poker, the Chinese card game of Pai Gow was mixed with the American card game of poker. 

In Pai Gow, the object is to construct two sets of cards with the largest possible total value.

Types of Card Games You Can Play With a Single Deck of Cards

When it comes to games, there’s a huge variety of options in the card game field. Since each has its own rules and objectives, it can be somewhat difficult to generalize about the experience. 

Despite their vast variances, however, several card games share common traits that allow them to be classified together.

1. Trick-Taking Games

Cheerful diverse women enjoying card game laughing

When it comes to card games for two or more players, trick-taking games are among the most well-liked. The vast majority of the games classified here fall under the heading of “outplay games.”

Each player is dealt a certain number of cards or tricks and must use those cards or tricks to win the game. These games also typically consist of multiple rounds. 

Different games have different purposes.

You could be tasked with accumulating a certain amount of tricks, avoiding taking any tricks at all, or accumulating as many scorecards as possible inside the tricks themselves.

5 Trick-Taking Card Games

  1. Euchre
  2. Spades
  3. Hearts
  4. Pitch
  5. Oh Hell

2. Shedding Games

As the name implies, every player in these card games has a hand to play with and must discard their cards. 

The player who discards all of their cards the fastest wins the game. In some variations of the game, there is just a single loser: the last person holding cards.

5 Shedding Card Games

  1. Cheat
  2. Crazy Eights
  3. President
  4. Durak
  5. Mao

3. Solitaire Games

senior woman playing solitaire at home

Solitaire, often known as “Patience”, refers to a family of card games that can be played solo.

In contrast to other competing card games, Solitaire is more of a puzzle than a contest.

5 Solitaire Card Games

  1. Pyramid
  2. Klondike
  3. Yukon
  4. FreeCel
  5. Accordion 

4. Matching & Melding & Rummy Games

Games of matching cards are also referred to as melding games and rummy games. The primary objective of each of these games is to pair up the cards. 

When playing melding games, you compete against your opponent to match (or meld) a certain group of cards before they can do the same. 

Some versions of matching games are similar to shedding games in that the goal is to get rid of all the cards by matching pairs of them. The winner is the person who discards all of their cards first.

5 Matching Card Games

  1. Buraco
  2. Slapjack 
  3. Rummy 
  4. Gin Rummy
  5. Egyptian Rat Screw

5. Gambling Card Games

Poker players hands, gaming table on background

Do you take great pleasure in winning money and other rewards at card games?

Gambling games are well-liked because they are simple to pick up and play and because of the high degree of excitement resulting from the stakes involved.

5 Gambling Card Games

  1. Poker
  2. Blackjack 
  3. Baccarat
  4. Blitz
  5. Pai Gow Poker

Final Thoughts

Playing cards were thought to have originated in China in the 10th century when they began to appear in Chinese literature.

With hundreds of different card games to master, it’s hardly surprising that card games have persisted over the centuries. 

A deck of cards is all you need for hours of entertainment. A game of cards is a great way to spend time with family and friends while also providing an opportunity for healthy competition.

You may pick from many different card games, depending on the number of players and your own preferences.

We’ve included a variety of games so that you can get the most out of your deck, whether you’re playing alone, with a partner, with a family, or with a large group of friends hosting a “casino night.”

We’ve got you covered in every way.


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