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7 Easy Domino Games




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Please come join me in my domino game, I promise to go super easy on you.

Dominoes are fun games, and you’ll enjoy them more once you know how to play.

In this article, you will discover or learn more about the easiest domino games that you can play. Here are seven popular and easy dominoes to try:

1. Blind Hughie Domino

Mother and adult daughter playing dominoes
  • Number of players: 2-4 or more
  • Domino set: Double six for 2-4 players. Use a higher set for more players.

This is an easy yet fun domino game that everyone (even children) can play. As the name suggests, players get to play this game blindly, as they do not know the domino tile they are to hold next.

Before the game starts, each player will collect a specific number of tiles from the domino pile and then lay the tiles in a straight line just in front of them.

If the players are two, they need fourteen tiles each. For three players, nine tiles each. For four players, seven tiles each. In a game with more players, they can all use 5-6 tiles each.

The game is simple: each player will decide from what end of their tile line they will start collecting their tiles. Each player must stick to the direction that they selected.

A player who chooses to collect tiles from right to left must continue collecting tiles from the right.

Any player who plays a matching tile in the game may continue playing until they hold a tile that they cannot play. The winner is any player that exhausts every tile in their tile line.

When the player selects a tile but they cannot play it (because there are no matching ends in the game), the player has to keep the tile and add it (facing down) to the other end of their tile line.

If the domino tile happens to be a double, the player can leave the tile facing up.

2. Block Domino

Playing the game of dominoes strategically on a black construction paper
  • Number of players: 2-4 or more
  • Domino set: Double six or above

Here’s one very popular domino game that you and your family can play. Each player will collect around seven dominoes from the boneyard (the draw pile of dominos).

Ensure that no one can see the number of pips in your domino.

Block Domino is easy: simply place matching dominoes to form any shape that you want in the game.

Yes, you can place your dominoes wherever you want, just ensure that they have matching pips with any end.

If you have no matching domino, collect one from the boneyard and then wait for the other players to play until it reaches your turn again.

The first player to exhaust all their dominoes wins. The game also ends when there are no other legal moves for any player anymore.

If the game ends without a clear winner, the player with the least number of pips (the dots on each domino) wins. The overall winner is the person with the least number of points once someone reaches 100 points.

3. One-Arm Joe Domino

Couple Playing Domino At Home
  • Number of players: 2-4 or more
  • Domino set: Double six or above

This game is similar to block domino. However, as the name suggests, you can only play your dominoes at one end of the game.

The rules are the same with block domino: continue playing until someone exhausts their dominoes or there is no legal move for any player.

If there are still dominoes in the boneyard, collect one and then wait until it’s your turn again before you play.

Since the players are only allowed to play their dominoes from one end, you will end up changing your location as you progress in the game. Awesome, right?

4. Straight (Draw) Domino

Businessman playing with dominoes
  • Number of players: 2-4 or more
  • Domino set: Double six or above

This game is also similar to block dominoes. However, it is more technical. In the straight domino game, you (as a player) have to keep playing until you make a move.

If you have a matching domino, play it and wait until it’s your turn again. However, if you do not have a match in your line, you must continue collecting domino tiles from the boneyard until you get a matching tile.

In this game, you can score points as you play. You score one point when the total number of pips at the ends of your dominoes is five. You score two points for ten pips.

This means that when you divide the number of pips (which is a multiple of five) by five, you get your points.

Just as in the case of others, the domino game ends when a player plays with all their dominoes or there are no more legal moves to play.

5. All Fives (Muggins) Domino

senior men playing domino at home
  • Number of players: 2-4 or more
  • Domino set: Double nine or above

The game of all fives is similar to straight dominoes, as you can score points while playing. However, in this game, your points must be five or a multiple of five.

You also have to round your points to a multiple of five.

This means that if you score six points, you have to record “five,” as six is nearest to five than ten. If you scored eight points, you have to record it as “ten.” It’s cool indeed.

The player that reaches 250 points first is declared the overall winner of the game. As in the case of other dominoes, the game ends when there’s no legal domino move to play.

6. Chicken Foot Domino

Game of chicken foot dominoes
  • Number of players: Up to 8 players
  • Domino set: At least double six

This domino game is a little bit complicated. However, it is still relatively easy and fun to play for everyone.

Each player has to build a train of domino tiles. Players also have to start and complete a chicken foot before continuing with their domino train.

To start a chicken foot, a player needs a double domino tile.

A double domino tile is any tile that has the same number of pips on both ends.

For example, a tile can come with two sixes.

Place the double tile sideways (facing up like other tiles) so that the middle of the tile is blocking the train. You can then start making your chicken foot by placing three tiles on the double.

At least one end of the three tiles in your chicken foot has to have the same number of pips as the double.

When you complete the chicken foot (with at least three tiles), you can then continue your train. In this case, select any of the three tiles and then continue placing domino tiles on it.

As in the case of other games, the player with the least number of pips when there are no more moves wins. Also, the player that can exhaust their tiles wins.

7. Domino Castle

young beautiful woman plays with dominoes
  • Number of players: Any number of players
  • Domino set: The highest you can get

This brilliantly easy domino game needs no calculation, luck, or rules to play. The goal is to use your domino tiles like building blocks. It is fit for everyone, even little children.

You can place the blocks (i.e., domino tiles) however you want. For your castle to be tall, however, consider playing the blocks on their sides.

It is time to start building. Imagine or draw how your castle will look and then start stacking your dominoes in the right arrangement.

Don’t give up when some blocks fall, you just have to pick them up and place them again. So long as every play of the game is united with the others, your castle will be ready in no time.

To make the game extra fun, each player has to build their castle by themselves. The first player to complete their castle or exhaust their domino tiles wins.

You can also use your domino tiles to play a game of Jenga. If you are playing with children, place the domino tiles on their wide surfaces (i.e., the pips facing up or down).

For a more difficult Jenga, however, place the tiles so that the pips can face the sides. This will make the game more difficult so that you can’t easily place or remove the tiles in the stack.

Final Thoughts

Dominoes is indeed a very fun game, the number of games that you can play is limitless.

It does not matter what type of dominoes you have or the number of players available, there is always a domino game for you to play.

What are you waiting for? Call other players and start playing a fun domino game right away.


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