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21 Easy Baby Shower Games




mom to be ready to pop the balloon to know the gender of her baby at her baby shower

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A baby shower party lasts for only a few hours, but its memory sticks with everyone for a lifetime.

As such, everything should go into making this celebration a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Fortunately, there are a ton of easy baby shower games that not only guarantee a fun and laughter-filled party but also double as great icebreakers to get your guests into the party mood while warming up to each other. 

Check out this roundup of the best easy baby shower games to give your guests a fun time together. 

group of friends celebrating at a baby shower

Printable Baby Shower Games 

1. Mommies and Babies 

What better game to play when celebrating a mom-to-be than testing everyone’s knowledge of animal baby names? 

What You’ll Need

  • Printed lists of scrambled-up baby animal names
  • Pens
How to Play

Give each guest a printed list and a pen, and then ask them to decipher the names.

To make this more enjoyable, set a timer and have the guests compete against each other in deciphering the words. 

The person who will have figured out most words within the set time wins the game. 

2. Price Is Right

Guessing games guarantee a healthy dose of laughter, and this game is no different. 

What You’ll Need

  • Pens and papers — as many as your guests will be
  • Cut or printed pictures of baby items
  • A gift for the winner
How to Play

First, give each guest a piece of paper and pen and lay out the baby-item-related pictures.

The game begins when you choose a baby item picture and give a brief description of what it is and what it does before asking the guests to guess a price estimate.  

Usually, the person who guesses the closest estimate without going over wins the game.

You can, however, make the game competitive by deciding that the winner will be the person with the highest number of close estimates at the end of the game.   

mom to be opening presents at her baby shower

3. Who Said What

Being their day, it wouldn’t hurt to crack up the parents-to-be with this hilarious baby shower game. Encourage the guests to give funny answers to make the game lively. 

What You’ll Need

  • Pens
  • Printed copies of the downloaded ‘Who Said What’ game
How to Play

Have the parents or mom-to-be answer a list of questions before the baby shower event. Without revealing the answers provided by the parents-to-be, distribute the same printed questions to your guests and ask them to use their imagination to answer them.

Essentially, they are filling in the blanks with what they think either or both the parents would say for each question.

In the end, the guest with the closest or similar answers to the parents wins.

4. Word Search Game 

Adding a word search game to your list of easy baby shower games will help you keep guests entertained and preoccupied, which culminates in a worthwhile experience. 

What You’ll Need

  • Printed word search game cards
  • Pens — enough for all the guests
How to Play

To start the game, give each guest a word search game card and pen. Instruct them to find as many baby-related words as possible within a given amount of time.

The guest who will have found the most baby-related words, in the end, wins the game. 

Group of friends enjoying at baby shower party

5. ABC Game 

You will love the ABC game if you have a long guest list and are looking for a game that requires little to zero preparation.

Its fast-paced nature also makes it an exciting way of entertaining a large group.

What You’ll Need

  • Printed game sheets — one for each guest
  • Pens
How to Play

Before printing out the game sheets, write the alphabet vertically on one side. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, simple A to Z will do. 

Once everyone is settled, hand each guest a pen and a printed game sheet. Instruct them to write down baby-related words for each letter of the alphabet.

Next, start the timer, and the guest with the most correct words when the time lapses is the winner.  

Icebreaker Baby Shower Games

6. Don’t Say Baby

Besides being cheap and requiring little to no preparation, ‘Don’t Say Baby’ is one of those baby shower games that you can play non-stop from the beginning to the end of a baby shower party.

It is, therefore, a smart and fun way to keep guests entertained and fully present or mindful throughout the party. 

What You’ll Need

  • Five diaper pins per guest.
How to Play

Give each guest five diaper pins at the beginning of the party and have them pin all of them to their clothes. Next, give them a single instruction — ‘Don’t say baby’ throughout the party.

Consequently, invite them to all keep an open ear out for anyone who says the word ‘baby,’ after which they can take away one of their diaper pins.

The person who will have collected the most pins at the end of the party or set time is the winner. 

mom to be ready to pop the balloon to know the gender of her baby at her baby shower

7. Balloon Baby Twist

Do you want to give your guests a glimpse of what it is like to have a baby bump? The Balloon baby twist game is a hilarious and lively way to do so.

What You’ll Need

  • Balloons
How to Play 

Firstly, have all your guests blow up several balloons — at least one each — and make a ‘baby bump’ by placing them under their shirts. 

With the ‘bump’ still in place, have them execute funny activities like doing specific yoga poses, jumping jack, running, and bending over to touch their toes — left hand on right leg kind of activity.

To finish the game, you can award prizes for either the least balloons popped, the most balloons under the shirt, the most contorted pose, or all. 

Flutes of champagne with pacifier at baby shower

8. Pacifier Bobbing

Icebreakers are fun ways of helping people loosen up, and pacifier bobbing serves as a great icebreaker baby shower game. 

The pacifier bobbing game is more or less the same as the infamous Halloween apple bobbing, only that pacifiers replace apples in this baby shower version. 

What You’ll Need

  • Small to medium-sized plastic bowls(one for each guest).
  • 4 to 6 pacifiers per guest.
How to Play

Fill up each bowl with water and line them up in a row. You can place the water-filled bowls on an elevated surface so that the guests can line up next to the bowls. 

Alternatively, you can place the bowls on a lower surface and have your guests bend over or kneel on cushions. 

Whichever you choose, ensure that the guests are standing with their hands interlocked behind their backs.

If you are feeling up to it, tying the hands to keep them interlocked will make the game more enjoyable. 

Once ready, shake a rattle or start the timer. The participant who will have bobbed all or most pacifiers before or after the set time lapses wins. 

The best part about this game is that it doubles as a gift. Simply wash the pacifiers thoroughly before sterilizing and placing them in a gift box for the mom-to-be.

pregnant woman and her friends playing a game at her baby shower party

9. Guess Who

What better way to start a baby shower party than by admiring cute baby photos? Not only is it a genius way to get into the baby shower mood it also brings a warm feeling of nostalgia.

What You’ll Need

  • Pencils
  • Numbered photos of guests as children
  • Printed numbered lists
How to Play

When sending out baby shower party invitations, remember to ask all the guests to come with photos of themselves as babies. On party day, collect the photos as the guest stream in and number them. 

At the same time, give each guest a pen and paper.

Once you are all settled and ready to start the game, pass a random picture among all the visitors at a time and have them guess who amongst themselves is the baby in the photo. 

The guest who guesses correctly the most times is the winner. 

10. Calendar Game 

Besides being a fun and engaging icebreaker where guests place their bets on their due date guesses, the calendar baby shower game also serves as a nostalgic keepsake to reminisce about. 

What You’ll Need

  • Pens (pencils or markers will do)
  • Due month calendar printout
How to Play

Simply distribute the pens amongst the guests and ask them to guess the exact date the baby will be born and scribble their names against their guessed date. 

For this to work, however, your printed calendar should be in such a way that it can accommodate the names of all the anticipated guests. 

Asking the guests to write down their addresses will also be a great idea because it gives the parents a place to send a gift to the winner when the baby is finally born. 

pregnant mother receiving gifts from her friends at her baby shower

11. The Left-Right Game

The Left-Right game is a fast-paced icebreaker that does an exceptional job of getting your guests in a party mood. What’s more, it is a chance for one of your guests to walk away with a fun gift. 

People also refer to this game as Pass the Gift or the Story Game.

What You’ll Need

  • A small wrapped gift — should be lightweight enough for guests to pass around easily
  • A note with a background story that heavily features the words Left and Right’ (written or printed)
How to Play

Firstly, ask your guests to sit down in a circle. Next, with you seated at the center or outside the circle, randomly pick a guest, hand them the wrapped gift, and start reading the note out loud. 

They should then be on the lookout for every time you mention the word ‘right’ to pass the gift to the person seated on their right and to the person on their left when they hear you mention the word ‘left.’

The person left holding the gift when you fish reading the note is the winner! They can keep the gift they will be holding, or you can give them another one. 

Active Outdoor Baby Shower Games

12. Diaper Change Relay

The diaper change relay is a fun and popular baby shower game. It is especially hilarious at co-ed baby shower parties, where you can watch seasoned and new dads compete in changing diapers. 

What You’ll Need

  • Baby dolls (plush animals will also do)
  • A pack of diapers
  • A pack of baby wipes
  • Baby onesies
How to Play

Group all the guests into several teams of equal players and have them stand in line.

When the race starts, the teams are expected to compete against each other in finishing an array of activities that each team is supposed to divide amongst themselves. 

That is:

  • The first person from each team should change the diaper.
  • The second person from each team should wipe the “baby’s” bottom with a wipe.
  • The third person from each team should put a clean diaper on the “baby.”
  • The last person from each team should dress the “baby.”

The team that finishes all the challenges first wins the relay challenge.

setting up the place for a baby shower

13. Hang the Diaper  

Hang the diaper is a great game if you are looking for a way to get baby shower guests moving. It will also undoubtedly render lots of laughter.

What You’ll Need

  • Safety pins
  • Several diaper packs
  • Three yards long string
How to Play

Divide the guests into teams. You can have as many or as few teams as you wish — it all depends on the number of guests present. 

Next, use the string you have to make two to four short clotheslines.

Here, each team can choose members to hold their clothesline up, or you can all choose to prop the strings on poles. 

Once done, set a timer and have the teams compete against each other in hanging as many diapers as possible within the set time.

In the end, the team that hangs the most diapers is the winner. 

friends at a baby shower holding cute cubes with B A B Y letters on it

14. Do Not Drop the Baby 

‘Do Not Drop the Baby’ is an adult version of the children’s ‘Don’t Drop The Egg,’ only that it is way more hilarious and is a great way to encourage a competitive spirit among the guests.

What You’ll Need  

  • A spoon and egg for each guest
  • Rope or ribbon to mark the start and finish lines
  • Markers for decorating the eggs
  • Track obstacles(logs, benches)
How to Play 

Use either ribbon or rope to mark out the start and finish lines for the race, and randomly place obstacles along the set running track.

Once done, decorate all the eggs to resemble babies. You can use marker pens of various shades to add some color to the game. 

Once set, have every guest stand at the starting line with their spoon and egg. Instruct them not to change hands or touch the egg with their free hand mid-race and start the race.

You can simply shout ‘go,’ or you can hit something to make a sound. 

Whoever crosses the finishing line with their egg still intact is the winner. 

15. Pregnant Relay

Another fun way of giving your guests a feel of how it feels to be pregnant is the Pregnant Relay.

Besides cracking everybody up, it is an amazing way for guests to know each other and socialize. 

What You’ll Need

  • Fake baby weights —you can put water or weights in a backpack, or you can make an empathy bump. Consider having one baby weight for each team. 
  • Rope to mark out the start and finish of the outdoor race track
How to Play

Divide the guests into equal teams and hand each team their baby weight.

At your command, the teams should start their relay race in which they should run carrying the baby weight while exchanging it amongst themselves in each team. 

The first team to finish is the winner of the game. 

cute vintage stroller, made of rattan with white lace cover

16. Stroller Olympics

Though requiring a little more resources than other games in this list, stroller Olympics is a surefire way to tickle the fancy of a competitive or athletic bunch of guests. 

What You’ll Need

  • A stroller
  • Ribbon to mark the start and finish lines
  • Obstacles
  • A doll
How to Play

Mark the start and finish lines of the race track and randomly arrange the obstacles.

Next, have the guests take turns racing down the track. Whoever executes everything right and finishes the race in the shortest time is the winner. 

Simply instruct the guests to hold the doll in their hands and stand behind the starting line.

When the mom-to-be shouts “Go,” the guest in place should strap the baby doll in the stroller and run to the finish line. 

Keep in mind, however, that a second is added to a guest’s final tally every time they bump into an obstacle.

The goal is, therefore, to avoid hitting any obstacles and to ensure that the ‘baby’ does not fall off. 

cute baby things laid out on the table

17. Baby Bottle Chugging 

Think of a chugging contest, only that this time you are doing it using a baby bottle, what’s not to love?

Beer is popularly used for this game, but you can use milk to bring out the true baby shower spirit. 

What You’ll Need

  • Baby bottles (one for each guest)
  • Milk 
How to Play

Fill the baby bottles with milk and distribute them among the guests. Start the timer and ask the guest to chug the milk as fast as they can. Whoever finishes first is the winner.

You can also divide the guests into teams where the fastest team to finish their bottles wins. This will make it more fun since the team members must motivate each other for their team to win. 

18. Diaper Stack

This baby shower game is exactly what it sounds like — to stack the most diapers possible in the group.

Though somewhat silly, you are going to love this diaper version of the stacking games.

What You’ll Need

  • A diaper pile
How to Play

First, divide your guests into groups. Next, have the team members take turns stacking diapers on top of each other, slowly growing their collective pile.

The ultimate goal is to continually build the tallest diaper pile without it falling over. 

The game is typically over when either team’s diaper stack falls over.

You can also choose to award the winning team or the group that uses the most diapers — even if their stack eventually fell.

Rubber ducks in baby bath

19. Duck-Duck Game

This is yet another easy baby shower game that doubles as a gift for the parents-to-be. 

What You’ll Need

  • Bathtub
  • Toy ducks — one for each guest
How to play

Make distinct markings on some of the toy ducks before putting them in a baby bathtub filled with water.

Next, invite the guests to take turns picking the ducks — the winners are the ones who pick the special ducks. 

After the game, wash and sanitize some of the ducks and give them to the mom-to-be.  

Gift Opening Baby Shower Games

lady giving a gift to her pregnant friend at her baby shower

20. Lucky Giver

Baby showers are all about celebrating the parents or moms-to-be by giving them baby-related gifts. The Lucky Giver, on the other hand, allows the parents-to-be to give back to at least one of the guests by giving them a gift. 

What You’ll Need

  • Pieces of paper with randomly written numbers. You can also go with letters.
How to Play

Hand each guest a randomly numbered piece of paper upon arrival and ask them to hold onto it throughout the time they are at the party.

Better still, you can ask them to memorize the number on their piece of paper — this way, they don’t have to stress about losing the papers. 

Next, the mom-to-be will choose a random number— the lucky giver — to give a gift as she opens her presents or afterward.

The mom or parents-to-be can gift as many guests as they wish.

The game also has several variations that you can choose from. 

21. Baby Shower Bingo

Nothing is as emotionally rewarding as watching a mom-to-be open her baby shower gifts.

Fortunately, this baby shower game allows you to experience this with the parent-to-be, even in the smallest way. 

What You’ll Need

  • Pens 
  • Bingo cards
How to Play

Give each guest a printed baby bingo sheet. While all the sheets should be different or unique, they should all have a combination of gifts that make sense for the baby shower. 

Next, the guests should use pens to cross out items received as the parents or mom-to-be opens their presents.

The first person to complete a column or row wins the game. 

You can make the game more competitive by requiring the winner to cross out all the items in their baby Bingo printable.

cute pictorial of a soon to be mommy at her baby shower

Choosing a Baby Shower Game 

It is paramount that you choose a baby shower game that will not, in any way, cause the guests or mom-to-be to feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, or embarrassed.

Also, you can consider one of these when considering prizes for game winners:

  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Candles
  • Candy bars

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are planning a baby shower party for yourself or a mom-to-be friend, there is no shortage of easy baby shower games, as you can see in this post.

True as that may be, it is paramount to strike a balance between these baby shower games and other party activities. 

For instance, seeing as an average baby shower party will last for at most three hours, two to three baby shower games will suffice, leaving more than enough time for refreshments and mingling for a well-rounded experience.  


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