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Best Place To Bungee Jump In Europe




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Bungee jumping in one of the biggest adrenaline-pumping adventure thrills. What could make it more interesting than adding a host of new scenes in a whole new environment? 

The European continent is home to a great many bungee jumping sites, some over 500 feet long. 

So, let’s take a sneak peek into Europe and explore some great bungee jumping sites. Here 


Greece: Corinth Canal 

A beautiful scenic of the Corinth Canal in Greece

While you are soaking in the historical features of the Greek Peloponnese Peninsula, take a 255-foot plunge into the Corinth Canal. 

This jump is perfect for beginners and near beginners because it’s one of the shorter jumps. 

The canal is 3.97 miles long, and it connects Peloponnese to mainland Greece. It will save you a bit of money too; it costs about £70($95) to jump from there.  

Austria: Europabrücke, Innsbruck

high Europabrücke in Austria in the broad daylight

Europabrucke (which means the Europe bridge) is one of the highest bridges you can jump from in Europe.

You’ll be jumping over the 27 miles long Sill River in Austria. 

Note: If you want to take the 630-foot plunge, you’ll have to book your place beforehand.

It’s only available on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from May through October. 

From July through to September, they’ll extend the weekend to Friday. Remember to call in early to avoid getting disappointed. 

London: O2 Arena/Canary Wharf

O2 Arena/Canary Wharf during sunset in London

Between the O2 Arena and Canary wharf in central London, you’ll find a tall crane to dive 160 feet down.

From the top of the crane, you’ll get a great view of the majestic Thames river. 

You’ll also get to see the iconic O2 arena full view, top view, and upside-down view!

That’s not all; you even get a personalized certificate to brag about it to your friends and family. 

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France: Souleuvre Viaduct

You’ll find these sites on the highrises of the Souleuvre Viaduct about 200 feet atop the Souleuvre River. 

You’ll love the long walk across the bridge, taking in all the stunning views until you reach the platform, which was explicitly designed for bungee jumping. 

The instructors will attach the cord to your ankles and the waist, and then off you go 200 feet down. 

Once you’re down in the water, you can touch the water if you want to; up until they pull you back up to the top of the bridge. 

It’s a great experience for thousands of people, which means you have to book or you won’t get your turn. 

Switzerland: Interlaken

What’s better than bungee jumping? Well, bungee jumping off a cable car! In the Swiss Alps, close to a place known as Interlaken, you can leap 440 feet down over the Stocksee Mountain Lake. 

Apart from the great experience of the jump itself, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking scenery. 

Italy: Ponte Colossus

For £77 ($105), you can jump off the Ponte Colossus Bridge (officially known as the Veglio-Pistolesa Bridge) found in a small village called Veligo-Mosso. 

The 500-foot drop overlooks the raging torrents of the Poala River.

You’ll get a full view right around the Biellese mountains, an unforgettable adventure! 

The quiet, peaceful environment of the mountains is quite relaxing, and it will be worth taking it all in while hanging upside down. You can even jump at night if you wish to. 

Romania: Vidradru Dam

Jump off a dam wall 544 feet high on the Vidraru Dam in Romania.

The dam’s arc, instead of the usual straight jumping platform, makes the jump all the more enjoyable. 

Apart from the jump, you’ll enjoy the tour of the man-made dam and watching hydropower at work. 

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Austria: Donauturm Tower

Tall Danube Tower surrounded by green trees in Austria

The Donauturm tower is also known as the Danube Tower. 

This 498 feet air dive from a steel ramp on the tallest structure in Austria (among the top 75 the world over) will make a great highlight to an Austrian vacation. 

The Donauturm tower is actually 826 feet high, but you can’t jump from that high.

You’ll be able to see 50 miles away and see some great Austrian monuments like the Prater Ferris Wheel or the Stephansdom. 

It will cost you about 150 Euro($175), and you have to confirm if the jump is available because they don’t offer it all the time. 

Scotland: Titan Crane

The Titan Crane in Scotland under the blue sky

Enjoy a 40m dive in the Scottish Highlands in Clydebank Glasgow.  

You’ll jump from a crane towards the water at close to 50mph, and then you’ll be pulled up after a few seconds.

This one’s for you if you enjoy urban settings. 


Enjoying the breathtaking European scenery topped off with the adrenalin-pumping experience of the bungee jump is something to aspire to. 

So check out these awesome bungee sites and gear up to take the leap.

Remember to make all your bookings in advance, so you don’t lose out on a fantastic experience. 

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