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13 Dangerous Hobbies




cave diver in Nohoch Na Chich

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A hobby is an activity you engage in after work or class to relax and have fun.

Hobbies are excellent stress-relievers, allowing you to escape the harsh realities of the real world and immerse yourself in an activity you truly enjoy. 

There are thousands of hobbies you can engage in to unwind after a tough day such as knitting, gardening, listening to music, and even collecting stamps. 

But do you feel like your current hobbies are low-key and to some extent boring? If that’s the case, then you need to find something a little bit more adventurous. 

In this article, we are taking it even further and highlighting dangerous hobbies that will get your heart racing.

If you are an adrenaline junkie looking for a hobby that will get your blood pumping, here are thirteen dangerous hobbies that will excite you

1. Skydiving

Tandem skydivers holding hands with female skydiver above clouds

The reasons that motivate people to jump out of an aircraft are diverse, but skydiving is a dangerous hobby that many people seem to enjoy. 

In theory, this hobby has a very simple operation. Get on an airplane, wear a parachute on your back, and jump out of the plane when it gets to a certain height. 

As you get close to the earth, pull the ripcord to open the parachute and slowly float to the ground. 

What makes skydiving dangerous is the potential for human errors and equipment failure that could see you hit the ground with deadly force. 

2. Base Jumping

Basejumper jumping from the dam in Switzerland

Base Jumping is another hobby that is similar to skydiving but way more dangerous.

Base jumping involves jumping from a fixed structure dressed in a wingsuit or with a parachute strapped to your back. 

The structures from which one jumps when base jumping is captured in the word BASE which is an acronym that stands for: building, antenna, span, and earth. 

What makes base jumping dangerous is the fact that the surface from which jumpers jump is much closer to the ground, hence it doesn’t take long before one hits the ground. 

For this reason, the activity has been prohibited in many locations around the world. 

3. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping in new zealand

Looking for a hobby that’s not too risky but still delivers an adrenaline rush? Then you should try bungee jumping. 

The thrill of bungee jumping comes from the free fall and the rebound once the elastic cord reaches its limit. 

The other good thing about this hobby is that it doesn’t need specific training to execute a jump successfully. Simply show up at the site and get ready to jump off a tall structure. 

In addition, bungee jumping gear is also reasonably priced, so anyone can engage in the activity without breaking the bank. 

The only thing you have to worry about is the cord breaking during the fall but the chances of that happening are pretty low. 

4. Hang Gliding

Hang glider pilot landing on beach

Hang gliding is another aerial hobby worth considering if you’re looking for an extreme sport that will push you to your limits. 

Participants strap themselves into a non-motorized aircraft called a hang glider and launch themselves off a cliff with the help of their feet. 

The hang glider has its frame made with aluminum alloy and covered with sailcloth to make it light, so it glides through the air with ease. 

While modern hang gliders are safe, accidents still occur occasionally. And when they do, they are usually deadly because there’s very little to cushion the glider’s crash. 

5. Rock Climbing

Athletic strong man climbing a rock wall

Rock climbing is a popular hobby enjoyed by those who want to get close to nature.

Rock climbers use ropes and harnesses to guarantee their safety as they tackle mountains and large cliff faces. 

That said, rock climbing is still dangerous because of falls which can result in serious injuries or even death in severe cases. 

Because of this, rock climbing is best enjoyed with another person who will come to your aid should you get injured. 

You should also check your equipment before the climb and get familiar with the surfaces you’ll be climbing to minimize your risk of injury. 

6. Ice Climbing

Mountaineers climbing on icefall in Nepal Everest

If rock climbing is not dangerous enough for you, you can take it a step further and try ice climbing.

Ice climbing is an extreme hobby that involves climbing inclined ice formations with ropes and protected climbing features. 

Ice climbers have to deal with below-freezing temperatures while navigating over sheer cliff faces that are covered in ice.

They also have to battle cold winds and storm-like conditions, which make it difficult to climb. 

As you can see, this is definitely not a hobby for the faint-hearted. 

To stay safe when ice climbing, always wear a helmet and face shield to protect yourself from head and face injuries.

Also, examine the quality of ice before climbing to ensure it can withstand the added pressure

7. Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing Helicopter is landing on a ski slope in Gressoney Ski Resort, Aosta, Italy

Jumping out of an airplane is in itself scary. But this is just one of the things you have to do when heli-skiing.

In heli skiing, after jumping out of the helicopter, you have to navigate dangerous terrain to get to the bottom of the slope. 

A lot can go wrong as you ski downhill. You could hit an obstacle, lose your balance, and roll to the foot of the hill.

You could also get swallowed by a crevasse you didn’t know had formed along the skiing path. 

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the threat of an avalanche burying you in snow. 

There are many risks associated with heli-skiing and that’s why it’s a dangerous hobby. 

8. Downhill Mountain Biking

Cyclist riding downhill on mountain bike on the hill

Practiced on steep terrains and often featuring jumps, drops, and obstacles, downhill mountain biking is the most extreme form of mountain biking. 

With this extreme sport, bikers race down mountains and hilly terrains at break-neck speeds as they try to evade trees, rocks, water hazards, and other dangerous obstacles. 

While the sport will surely get your adrenaline going, it also exposes you to injuries such as broken bones resulting from falls and impact collisions.

That’s why it’s advisable to wear appropriate protective gear before jumping on a bike for your downhill adventure. 

Also, ensure to get a high-quality bike that’s durable to withstand the rough conditions up the mountain and lightweight for easy control and maneuverability. 

9. Deep Diving

female diver practicing deep diving skills

Ever tried scuba diving and felt it was such a ‘safe’ hobby for you?

Then you can make things interesting by trying deep diving, which is similar to scuba diving but takes place at a much deeper level. 

Your dive into the ocean can be considered a “deep dive” when you reach a depth of 30 meters (98 feet). At this level, you can easily run out of oxygen or get attacked by marine predators looking for their next meal. 

Although this hobby is risky, deep diving gives you the opportunity to see what goes on deep in the ocean and encounter the sea creatures you only see on National Geographic. 

10. Whitewater Rafting

Group of friends enjoying whitewater rafting outdoor activities

Whitewater rafting is a popular sport that can be done in many locations in the US, particularly in National Parks. 

Despite its popularity, the sport has many dangers associated with it.

The dangers of whitewater rafting include being flung from the raft at high speed and getting injured by the underwater rocks, drowning, and even heart complications because of the mad adrenaline rush. 

But even with all these risks, whitewater rafting remains a great outdoor activity you can engage in to get your blood racing and enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

However, ensure you wear the right gear and make sure that you can swim to guarantee your safety in the raging waters. 

11. Motorcycle racing 

Motorcycle racing leaning into a fast corner on track

Riding a motorcycle is not dangerous but doing it at a speed reaching 186 mph during motorcycle racing transforms the bikes into death machines. 

With nothing between the rider and the hard ground, the consequences of a motorcycle accident are usually fatal. The rider can sustain serious injuries and even die from the impact of a crash. 

Because of how dangerous motorcycle racing is, new hobbyists are advised to get some form of insurance before taking part in the sport.

Wearing the right gear also helps to protect the rider from serious injuries. 

12. Cave Diving

cave diver in the system Nohoch Na Chich

Cave diving involves exploring underwater caves. The thrill of this hobby comes from navigating through tight caves and tunnels deep in the ocean. 

The danger with cave diving is that you can run out of air or get crushed by rocks and get injured. You also risk getting stuck in the rock formations or getting lost in dangerous waters. 

Just like deep diving, this sport delivers incredible underwater sights and will get you to encounter sea creatures you don’t see every other day. 

13. Parkour

Young sports man doing parkour in the city at sunny daytime

Parkour is an outdoor activity that involves jumping across buildings and moving through obstacles in tight urban spaces.

You’ve probably seen it in action movies where an individual evades his attackers by jumping off platforms and rolling through tight spaces. 

What the movies don’t tell you is that such acts are performed by skilled stunt men and women who have undergone specialized training. 

And even with the training, the stunts can cause serious bodily harm and injuries such as when one falls when jumping between rooftops. 

Final Thoughts

If you identify as a thrill seeker or an adrenaline junkie, then any other hobbies listed above will appeal to you.

The activities in this post will push you to the limits of what your body and mind can withstand and get your heart racing. 

To stay safe, make sure to wear the right protective gear and familiarize yourself with the surroundings before taking part in any risky hobby.


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