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Dangers of Using Divining Rods for Dowsing




Y-shaped dowsing rod to search water

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Worried about starting to use dowsing rods? Don’t be! There really isn’t much to worry about.

But with that being said, we still want to tell you about the dangers that are present when using these rods. The best part is, we’re also going to tell you how to prevent them!

Let’s jump right in.

What Are The Dangers of Using Dowsing Rods?

#1 Spiritual Danger

a girl in black holding a Y-shaped rod

Are you religious or incredibly spiritual? Then they may be some chance that you will become adversely affected via the use of dowsing rods. It could threaten your soul, body, and mind.

The reasoning behind this is that holding and dowsing with the rods allow the Devil to connect and work through you. It’s worth noting that this is a very extreme situation. However, it is said that the rods act as a direct transport link for Satan or other evil spirits to infect your soul.

As you might imagine, it has hard to prove whether this is completely accurate or not. Generally speaking, people who do hold this belief have no actually tried dowsing. Instead, their reluctance and sometimes downright hatred for the past time is inferred from the bible and those who dabbled in dowsing throughout history.

Having said this, it is worth noting that there is a boatload of religious people who partake in the hobby now and again. These people have had zero concerns for the potential danger of the past time and don’t feel that their salvation has been threatened.

Whether you choose to dowse or not is completely up to you.

#2 Self Injury Risk

A man in black holding an L-shape rod practising dowsing

The second danger that could be suffered through dowsing is the risk of self-injury.

Typically, the rods used in this hobby are pretty solid. They could be made from brass, copper, or steel. Because of this, there is a small (when we say small, we mean tiny) risk of injury.

Some dowsers like to walk around with a rod inside their bootleg or pocket. This is so they are always ready to pop one in the ground to mark a specific point.

Supposedly, it is in fact possible to stab yourself while holding the rods in your bootleg. But the likelihood of this happening is incredibly low.

To protect yourself from this very small risk of self-injury, your best bet is to just be mindful about how you use the dowsing rods. If you think you might fall over with a rod sticking out of your bootleg, simply take it out and you’ll be good to go!

#3 Injury to Others

Y-shaped dowsing rod to search water

The last danger of using dowsing rods is an injury to those around you.

Sometimes, dowsing techniques require you to move your arms around while you are still holding onto the rod. This could injure somebody around you or people who are walking by.

Thankfully, this is an incredibly rare occurrence. However, you should always keep the following considerations at the forefront of your mind when dowsing:

  • Do not practice dowsing in a closed space. An open area is best to ensure everything stays safe.
  • Do not stand too close to your friends, family, group, or anyone else. This prevents the need to worry about injuring others.

Alongside this, you need to ensure that you feel well enough to actually be out and about dowsing. If you feel dizzy, tired, or just “off”, it’s best to put your rods away and head home for the day. Otherwise, you risk taking your eye off the ball and potentially harming another person (or yourself).

How to Stay Safe When Using Dowsing Rods

Since we have discussed the dangers of using the rods in great detail, it’s only fair that we also discover how to stay safe when using them. Don’t worry, it’s incredibly simple. Take a look below.

  • Pay attention to your feelings and health — As we already mentioned, if you feel unwell at any point, then you should stop dowsing for the day.
  • Hold the rods properly — Not only does this ensure that you stay safe, but it makes the whole hobby worthwhile! Ideally, you should hold them at arm’s length from your body.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings — While you are walking, try not to zone out too much. Instead, focus on your environment. This will allow you to keep yourself and other people safe.

Before we finish, you might like to read out complete guide to dowsing here.

The Bottom Line

Fortunately, there are not many dangers when it comes to using dowsing rods and having fun with this unique hobby. However, for those who are cautiously-minded, here is a summary of the three risks:

  • Self-injury
  • Injury to others
  • Spiritual risks (if you are religious)

At the end of the day, dowsing is very safe to do! Just go out and have fun — but always stop if you feel unwell!

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