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14 Hobbies Perfect for Married Couples to Experience Together




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Husbands, Wives, Strengthen Your Marriage and the Harmony of Your Home by Taking up a Hobby Together

Have the heady honeymooner, newlywed days of your marriage been overtaken by the monotony of the daily grind?

If so, you and your spouse can delight one another and deepen your relationship by setting aside time to learn and grow with one another by taking up a shared hobby. 

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5 key reasons married couples should share a hobby

Embracing a shared pastime is one of the best things you can do to nourish your union. Here are some great reasons for taking the plunge and starting a new hobby together.

1. You and your husband or wife will enjoy working as a team.

After all, that is what marriage is about, isn’t it? Having a non-mundane reason to work together will increase your teamwork in the mundanities of married life.

Organizing time, gear, and supplies for your joint hobby will require sacrifice and forbearance so you can keep up with your new pastime.

Put in the effort and you will both definitely savor your shared accomplishments.

2. Your choice of hobby can help build resourcefulness and resilience in your marriage. 

You don’t need to be a prepper to recognize the benefits of broadening your skillset with a new craft or trade.

In uncertain times, you and your spouse can target your spare time to a pastime that will improve the sustainability of your household, create food or clothing, or even start a new business. 

3. By sharing a hobby, you will gain a greater appreciation of one another’s strengths and qualities.

When you both venture into a new experience, you are likely to be surprised at how you each respond to the challenge.

Looking at each other away from the daily routine is likely to remind you both of what made you fall in love in the first place.

And remind you that you have more to learn about your spouse on the road ahead.

4. A hobby can be used as a means of giving back.

Some of the hobbies we share can be used to produce clothing or food your family can share or gift to others.

Sporting hobbies can be sponsored to raise funds or charities that are close to your heart. 

5. Hobbies provide vital quality time together.

With the best of intentions, it is easy for the cares of life to really choke out the time and communication that keeps the connection in marriage strong and healthy.

Your new hobby will be something that is just for the two of you to enjoy and set aside for one another.

Buds, girls, and kids are strictly off-limits!

Without Further Ado, here are 14 Hobbies Perfect for Married Couples to Experience Together

1. Birding

married young couple watching birds in the woods

Cultivating knowledge and love of birds, really opens up the world around you and you will both be surprised how many interesting bird species are in your locality, even before you venture further afield.

Grab a bird watching handbook for your region, some good binoculars, and a flask of something hot and sweet to head out to a quiet spot for some bird watching. 

2. Fishing

There are so many types of fishing and angling to choose from; meaning you and your spouse should have no problems finding a type that you will both love.

Angling is perfect for spending lots of quality time while waiting for a bite on the line, whether you choose deep sea fishing, fly fishing, or perhaps keeping warm together in a tent while ice fishing. 

3. Dancing

passionate married couple practice dancing in formal wear

If your wife is a fan of Dancing with the Stars or you haven’t dusted off your shiny shoes since your wedding reception, taking dance classes together will rekindle the romance!

Not only will you be able to master the great dance steps of the Tango, Foxtrot, and Waltz, but you will also benefit from improvement in your fitness, alertness, and mood!

4. Carpentry

Handy jobs around the home will never be a source of contention again as you both can take the time to upskill your woodworking skills.

Being able to handle saws, drills, and spokeshaves means that you can work together on renovation projects for your home including cabinetry and making tables, chairs, or bed frames.

Woodworking’s also a great skill that you can share in your community, perhaps by donating furniture or helping out locals with repairs.

5. Metalwork

The sparks will fly for all the right reasons as you both don your visors and hit your workshop to experiment and create with metal.

Once you get the hang of cutting, drilling, and welding metal, you will be able to take on custom projects like grills and firepits, coat rails, and even a titanium wedding band. 

6. Landscaping

If you have a large property with under-developed land, you both may be thinking about what you could achieve if you upgraded that old ride-on and move to a sub-compact tractor with a bit more oomph.

This pastime became a full-time endeavor for husband-and-wife Tim and Christy Marks, from Illinois who leveraged their love of John Deere tractors into a successful landscaping business and YouTube channel. 

7. Blogging

If you spend hours of your spare time on social media and trawling the internet, why not put that bandwidth to effective use by teaming up to run a blog together.

Many husband-and-wife teams run fantastic blogs, often with one writing and doing the photography and the other doing the web development work.

You will be surprised at the size of the audience you can attract online, and you may even be able to make money from blogging too.

8. Podcasting

Are you and your wife the sort of couple that close the restaurant animatedly chatting on date night?

Give your friends and kids’ ears a break and share your thoughts and ideas with the world by podcasting!

Just like blogging or YouTube, you can join millions of amateur broadcasters by creating your digest of music, current affairs, or whatever else you are interested in.

Sign up to iTunes or Spotify to share your audio creations.

9. Hunting

Hunting offers an escape from the usual routine and an enthusiastic sense of adventure for you and your husband.

Once you master the basics of safely handling a shotgun and accurately taking aim, you can both don your fatigues, decoys, tool up, and head out to the woodlands or waterways to enjoy the best of the hunting season.

In most states, you will need to purchase a license, but nothing is more satisfying than the taste of fresh game you caught yourself.

10. Leatherworking

Leatherworking projects are a great tabletop hobby that you both can work on in pockets of spare time.

It is great if you have young children, meaning that getting away alone regularly is not so easy.

By tooling leather, you can engrave intricate designs and make books, belts, and even shoes.

11. Smoking meats

If your husband is a bit of a “King of the Grill”, smoking meats, cheeses, garlic, and fish could be a year-round pastime that you enjoy together.

Smoking is immensely popular right now as people relish the flavor of freshly smoked brisket, pulled pork, and other prime cuts.

We are sure you will enjoy experimenting with different woods and techniques with this delicious hobby.

12. Homesteading

Have you thought about how you can both be more resourceful and perhaps live off the land?

Growing and producing your food is a dream for many married couples, and there is no reason why you cannot start today.

Even a small yard space is more than enough for raising some backyard chickens and running a kitchen garden.

Once you master the basics, you may want to move to where you can expand your self-sufficient enterprise, perhaps with livestock or other small-scale farming projects. 

13. Videography 

Everyone with a smartphone feels that they are the next Steven Spielberg, but if you and your spouse enjoy the technicalities of filmmaking, videography can be a great outlet for your joint creativity and means you can expertly capture family memories like birthdays and weddings. 

Take time together to learn the basics of videography perhaps with an online videography course or evening class. 

14. Mountain biking

Satisfy the need for speed with pedal power as you and your beloved hit your local mountain biking trail.

It is an exhilarating hobby, and you will never tire of the natural scenery and rugged exploration.

Putting Time and Heart into Your Shared Hobby is a Great Investment in Your Life Together!

Sharing a hobby with your spouse is all about remembering and renewing the commitment that makes you great.

We hope that you will enjoy making new memories together with these fun hobbies.

It may take time to find a hobby that will work for you both, but we are sure that you will have fun finding the perfect match!

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