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Hobbies for Adults ( Over 18s Hobby list )




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Hobbies enrich our lives. They break up the mundane routine of work, chores, cooking, eating, and sleeping. While hobbies and activities for children are abundantly advertised, finding hobbies for adults is not always so simple.

Remember, there is no expiration date on the fun! There are plenty of hobbies that are great for adults to enjoy. Try these and you just may find your new passion.

Tabletop Games

group of friends play tabletop games at Phoenix Comic Con
Get your friends round and have fun with tabletop boardgames

Games are not just for children anymore. Tabletop games may include childhood games like Candyland, but they can also include strategic games designed for adults like “Betrayal at House on the Hill” and “Axis and Allies.”

Playing tabletop games is a great way to connect with your friends and explore something new. If you are competitive, you can unleash your competitive side take over, and compete for the best place.

If you are more into collaboration, several tabletop games involve collaboration, so you can build your friendships as you achieve a common goal.


Female embroidering handmade picture rainbow on canvas
Not just for the over 60s. Many younger people are now taking up needlepoint

Needlepoint is not just for old ladies anymore! This hobby is great if you are looking to tap into your creative side. Needlepoint includes a wide variety of activities including cross-stitching, embroidery, quick point, and more.

Kits for needlepoint activities are easy to find and there are videos, books, and classes to help you get started. Supplies are not too expensive. Starting with smaller, less complicated patterns will help you learn the various stitches so that you can let your creativity flow with larger designs.

As you get more comfortable, you can even design your own patterns. Sassy needlepoint designs are currently popular as gifts and house decorations. Some great examples include patterns with flowers that say things like “This is proof I have the patience to stab something 1,000 times,” popular soda cans, and even personalized portraits of pets.

Pole Dancing

Young woman training on pole in studio

Long gone is the misconception that pole dancing only belongs in dark seedy nightclubs. Pole dancing is a full-body workout and falls into three categories. Sports, a more vigorous and acrobatic style of pole dancing. Art, this is for people who embrace the artistic side that pole dancing has to offer and finally Sexy, Well, I’m sure you can work that one out.

Many people of all ages have now started to see the social and wellbeing side of pole dancing with classes being held in many Gyms and Dance clubs.

If you love to dance and want to get fit, then pole dancing might be for you.

Belly Dancing

Joyful Asian women performing belly dance in studio

If you are looking for a fun, new way to move your body, belly dancing is a great place to start! This dance will help you loosen your hips and lower back. Plus, the music is always fun, so you will finish each session feeling great!

Look for belly dancing classes or instructors in your area. Committing to a weekly class is a great way to add something different yet consistent to your routine. You will also likely make friends in your belly dancing classes, so you can widen your circle and increase your social interactions. Belly dancing is a great way to meet new people.

Learn a New Instrument

Beautiful Woman Playing Guitar Outdoors.

Whether you consider yourself musical or not, learning a musical instrument or taking voice lessons is always a good idea.

Music is incredibly stimulating for the brain and it is fun. You can collaborate with other friends who are playing music if you want, or you can put together solo works.

Some instruments cost more than others, so you may want to consider the cost of an instrument when you choose what to play. Pick an instrument that you enjoy listening to. Maybe you listen to a lot of country music and you want to play guitar.

Maybe you love pop music and want to play covers on the violin. Find something that makes you feel excited!

Find a good teacher in your area. There is likely an after-school music program in the area that has classes, ensembles, and teachers for adults. Make sure you practice and you will quickly see the improvement.


An archer with bow takes aim at a target during competition

Archery is a great hobby to let you get active and try something unique. Find an archery range near you and get started with a simple bow. As you increase, you can experiment with different kinds of bows.

Many archery ranges offer classes to help you get started. Channel your inner Robin Hood and shoot for the bullseye.

As you enjoy your new hobby, you can probably find archery tournaments in your area. Some places regularly hold these tournaments so you can test your skills around other archers. Archery is a fun way to help you build your strength and learn new skills.

Learn to Smoke Meat and Barbecue

Grill restaurant kitchen
This is an extreme version of a bbq smoker

Barbecuing is popular around holidays like the fourth of July. But there is so much more to barbecue than hamburgers and bratwursts. It can be fun (and delicious) to create your barbecue meals.

Start by learning about different cuts of meat and which you want to try to barbecue. Then look into marinades. If you want to smoke meat, there are tons of options for great smokers. You can also learn to transform your regular grill into a smoker, for an added challenge.  

Don’t forget to try lots of different kinds of meat. Pork and beef are particularly popular, but learning to smoke fish can give you a delicious treat to eat any time!


Professional juggler training indoor on gold background
Juggling can be so calming and peaceful if done in the right environment

Juggling is a great hobby for anyone who wants to improve their coordination or anyone who is looking for a fun party trick. This hobby may take a lot of practice to get going, but once you have it, it is easy to learn new ways to use it.

Start with juggling scarves. This is often the easiest way to get started, as scarves weigh less and will not fall as quickly. Juggling scarves can be found online or in stores that sell games or magic supplies.

After you master scarf juggling, you can try it with balls and other objects. Juggling is entertaining for everyone! Practicing increases your coordination and gives you a chance to enhance your focus.

If you become exceptionally skilled with juggling, you can try doing it while enjoying other activities like unicycling, hiking, or dancing.

over 18's hobby list

Final Thoughts

Learning new hobbies as an adult does not need to be a difficult activity. There are so many unique, fun activities to try that will enrich your mind and help you find some new joy in your life.

Look for resources in your area to help you get started with one of these new hobbies and watch your life take off!

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