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senior couple tourist enjoying exploring a country's historic town

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Your golden years are meant to be just that – honored, enjoyed, and cherished. You might have a little more time on your hands these days and some interest to start a new hobby.

There’s no rule saying new hobbies are just for kids! 

It’s time to start thinking outside the box. New hobbies can be bodacious and challenging.

They can open new doors and introduce you to a world you never knew existed. Consider this roundup of 11 perfect hobbies for senior citizens your invitation to begin your next adventure. 

senior citizen looking for a hobby

1. Hiking

senior couple climbing hill on hike

The smell of fresh pine, fresh dirt on your shoes, and the promise of a hearty lunch afterward. Sign me up! Hiking is a limitless hobby and can be as leisurely or challenging as you wish it to be.

It can be as simple as finding a local park to stroll around with your friends or researching increasingly difficult treks. 

Find your closest National Park for some great trails and wide-open nature.

You can even find local hiking groups to make it a social event. You won’t need to buy anything to start this hobby because nature is free! Later on, you might want to invest in some good trail boots and a water bottle.

2. Sommelier Classes

young man sommelier with a senior guest

For the wine lovers, this is your calling! Start by doing some personal home tastings and subscribe to a local wine club. Maybe enlist a few pals to join in on the fun and start a weekly wine club. You can find books, documentaries, and online classes on the subject of sommeliers. 

Think about honing your skills to prepare for a big expedition to the heart of the wine country! This hobby is sure to be a fun and delicious journey. 

3. Learning a new language

man looking at a wall with hello word written in different languages

Stepping into the challenge of learning a new language sets before a whole new world of possibilities. Say you’re learning Spanish – why not travel to an island off Cancun next year to put your new skills to the test? Or maybe go for Italian and use it to help you with your Sommelier travels. 

You can find online and local language clubs that can take your learning to the next level and introduce you to fun and interesting people.

Choose a friend or a loved one to learn with you and commit to spending a half-day each week using nothing but your new language to communicate with!

4. Meditation

senior couple sitting on yoga mats meditating at home

It might seem boring, but meditation is an exploration through your mind. Some fantastic apps can help guide your path by helping you begin a meditation practice and stick to it.

Not only can this mental skill enhance your understanding of yourself, but it can also test your discipline. 

Medication can aid in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, provide you answers to personal queries, and provide a reliable stress-reliever. It’s more complex of a hobby than you think it might be. If you have a spare 10 minutes a day, it’s worth a shot. 

5. Cycling

three senior girlfriends cycling together

Cycling is a great hobby for the person wanting to get out and be active without putting too much stress on the body. It’s non-impact, yet a fantastic workout and can please any speed-demon out there. 

Better yet, it’s a hobby that can travel with you too! Pack that bike up and drive a few hours out of town to some pristine nature trails for a nice escape.

Or improve your biking fitness to prepare for an international cycling tour of the French countryside. Yes, those exist and yes, they are magnificent. 

6. Travel tours

senior couple tourist enjoying exploring a country's historic town

You don’t need to be a cyclist to start traveling. There’s no better time than your golden years to experience what the world has to offer. Step outside of your comfort zone and book a flight to Morocco or Japan.

It’s the best opportunity you can get for trying authentic cuisine and seeing the wonders of the world with your own eyes. 

It’s one thing to watch a National Geographic docu-series on Mayan ruins, but it’s another experience entirely to climb the stairs with your own feet. And margaritas don’t quite taste the same outside of Mexico. 

7. Brewing beer

senior male brewer looking at glass of beer in brewery

So, you like drinking beer? Why not make your own! Homebrewing is becoming a very popular hobby among hop-lovers. Your local bottle shop might even sell all the equipment you need!

It’s easy to start, as long as you have a stove and are willing to wait for things to ferment. 

Beer brewing can be a fun way to show your creative side or get nerdy and fiddle with percentages and fermentation times. For the holidays this year, how about gifting everyone in your family a pint of your home-brewed cinnamon beer? 

8. Improv and Comedy

Your kids think you are hilarious – don’t hide that from the world! There’s nearly nothing better for human wellness than laughter. In an improv class, you’re sure to get a ton of it. It’s also an amazing test of your mental gymnastics abilities and can be a great exercise for your brain. 

If you’re a bit too nervous to jump into an improv class right away, try searching for lessons on YouTube, watching improv series online, and attending comedy shows. If anything, it’s sure to be an entertaining journey! 

9. Yoga Teacher

senior yoga instructor with students at the gym

Just like meditation, yoga can take you places! If you’ve enjoyed yoga for years, you might consider getting your teaching certificate.

You can do this in a weekend-long workshop or attend an international school overseas for a few weeks. 

Yoga has helped you through a lot, mentally and physically, and with your teaching certificate, you can also help others. 

10. Magic Tricks

magician holding a magic wand and a magic hat doing one of his tricks

If magic has always fascinated you, this is a great option for you. Start with cards and work your way up to making cutlery disappear!

Your kids or grandkids are sure to get a kick out of this new hobby of yours. Find some fun tutorials on YouTube or a book at your local library. 

When those skills are good enough, you can even volunteer to teach workshops for kids or put on mini shows for your community groups. Everyone could use a bit more magic in their life!

11. Become a Guerilla Gardener

a well-dressed senior gardener shows off his freshly picked vegetables from his garden

Those with a green thumb are blessed! Share that love with your community and feel like you’re being a bit naughty at the same time, by becoming a guerilla gardener! 

What’s a guerilla gardener? It’s the sneaky act of finding a forgotten piece of public land to ambush with a new garden! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Check out the official website to learn more about how to become a stealthy horticulturist. 


Now that you’ve got some fresh ideas for new hobbies to try, time to get out there!

The first step in beginning a hobby is research. Head straight to Google and start exploring your local community for resources. 

Starting a new hobby is an awesome feat and you’re just at the beginning!

Good luck on your venture into finding yourself, growing your joy, and helping the world.

A message from your future self, Thank you!!

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