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15 Easy Icebreaker Games




group of friends playing indoors with yellow post-its on their forehead

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Icebreaker games can be fun or formal and are a fantastic way for people to bond at the start of a party or professional meeting. 

Love or hate them—icebreakers are the best way for people to open up and relax when meeting for the first time. They reduce tension and make a memorable first impression.

Icebreakers are a fantastic way to develop a sense of community and are particularly good for group learning because people learn better when they’re relaxed. 

If you want to make group introductions meaningful, look at the fifteen easy icebreaker games below.

Game #1 – Two-Minute Mixer

friends enjoying playing an icebreaker game at the park

Two-Minute Mixer is similar to speed dating and is a fantastic icebreaker game for large groups.

To begin, get everyone in the group to find a partner. Next, get the couples to form two circles with one person in the inner circle facing their partner in the outer one. 

Use a timer and set the alarm for two minutes. During this time the couples will chat with each other. 

You can write topic suggestions to prompt conversations and ensure both people speak. 

When the alarm sounds, the people in the inner circle rotate left to the next person to chat for another two minutes. Repeat the process until everyone has spoken to one another. 

Game #2 – Would You Rather

Group of friends writing down in a notebook while drinking coffee

In this easy icebreaker game, the group will learn much about each other without speaking. 

To play this game, you must prepare ten “would you rather” questions in advance, such as, would you rather have a pet dog or cat, or go on holiday to the coast or city? 

Before you begin, separate the room into two sections. Ask the questions and allocate a side for each response. Each person chooses a side depending on their answer. 

Game #3 – Marooned

Marooned is a fantastic game that reveals a lot about a person’s personality.

It’s the ideal way for a small or large group to become acquainted. 

For this icebreaker, you ask each group member to list five things they would take with them if they were marooned on a desert island. 

The choices will reveal whether a person is practical, creative, or a good mix of both.

Game #4 – Two Truths and a Lie

group of four enjoying playing an icebreaker game

This is a funny, classic, interactive game that encourages creativity. It’s a fantastic way for people to reveal interesting facts about themselves.

Each group member must state two facts and a lie about themselves. The rest of the group must ask questions to discover the lie.

Game #5 – People Bingo

Happy young woman playing with her friends

People Bingo is a fantastic way to get people talking, and you can use it for small to medium-sized groups and professional and informal meetings. 

First, you must make a set of bingo cards—one for each player. Fill in each square with a fact about a group member, such as whether they have two pet dogs or love tending the BBQ, for example. 

Next, give everyone a card and pen and let them mingle. They must ask each other questions to discover who matches each fact. 

When they find the person, they must sign the relevant square on the card. The winner is the first person to have all their squares signed off. 

Game #6 – Movie Pitch

Group of friends having conversation

Movie Pitch is a creative icebreaker game for large groups—which encourages teamwork, brainstorming, and public speaking.

Begin by separating the group into several small teams. Each team must develop a movie idea within a set time limit—and pitch it to the director. 

The group can vote for the best movie idea at the end of the presentations.  

Game #7 – Guess Who

Yellow stickers on forehead. Group of friends have party indoors together

Guess Who is a simple icebreaker suitable for small to medium groups. 

First, each person must write down an interesting fact about themselves on a slip of paper and place it into a container. 

The group moderator selects a piece of paper and reads out the facts, and the group must guess who it is about. 

Game #8 – Expectations

interracial group of friends celebrate an afternoon snack

Expectations is a fun game for small and large groups, which lets people express their personality and life goals with funny or serious answers. 

Each group member must state their name, what they expect from the event, and the craziest thing that could happen if it meets their full expectations. 

For example, “My name is Rachael. I’m here to learn first aid. If I can administer first aid, maybe one day I will save the life of a famous movie star, and he will marry me out of gratitude.” 

Game #9 – Wink Murderer

Wink Murderer is a classic childhood game, but it’s also a fun way for adults to break the ice in medium to large groups. 

To play Wink Murderer, ensure everyone is seated with their eyes closed and tell them you will select a murderer with a tap on the shoulder. 

When the murderer is appointed, the group must walk around the room while the killer tries to make eye contact and wink at them. 

When the killer winks at someone, the victim must pretend to die dramatically.

The team must try to stop the killer from murdering the whole group. Players can accuse a person of being the murderer, but if they are wrong, they must die instantly.  

Game #10 – Protect the Egg

woman holding four eggs

Protect the Egg is a fantastic game for large groups—and encourages teamwork and problem-solving. 

First, separate the group into small teams and give each an egg and access to materials such as paper, tape, scissors, cardboard, and glue. 

The team must create a structure to prevent the egg from breaking when they drop it on the ground. 

Give the group a time limit for the task and when it’s complete, a team member must stand on a chair and drop the egg, and the egg that doesn’t break wins. 

Don’t forget to protect the floor with paper or plastic so you can clean up the broken eggs easily. 

Game #11 – Question Ball

beautiful girl in sunglasses holds an inflatable big ball on a white background

Question Ball is an easy icebreaker game suitable for all group sizes and social situations. 

First, buy a large inflatable beach ball and use a permanent marker to write questions in each segment. 

Questions can be personal or professional such as what’s your dream car or career goals. 

The group must stand or sit in a circle and throw the ball around the group. Participants must answer the question that their right hand sits on when they catch the ball. 

Game #12 – My Superpower

Everyone has unique skills, and playing My Superpower is a fantastic way for people to reveal their hidden qualities and get to know one another. 

Go around the group and get each person to say their name and their secret superpower. It could be a humanitarian or professional skill, a hobby, or a curious fact.

Game #13 – The Toilet Paper Game

Hands holding Toilet paper rolls

The Toilet Paper Game is a hilarious icebreaker for any group and will have everyone laughing.

First, pass a toilet roll around the room and ask each person to tear off the amount they would usually use to go to the toilet. 

When everyone has taken the paper, go around the group and ask each person to reveal an interesting fact about themselves for each segment of the roll they have. 

The Toilet Paper Game can be challenging for people who have taken lots of paper!

Game #14 – Icebreaker Jenga

Smiling friends plays jenga table game at home

Icebreaker Jenga is a fun and engaging game that helps people bond while testing their decision-making skills. 

First, you must buy a Jenga set and write questions on all the blocks. You can use a mix of professional or personal questions. 

You can play individual Jenga for small groups or separate large groups into teams. Each person takes a block and answers the question as they play. 

Game #15 – Who Am I?

Smiling friends playing game guess who and having fun at home

Who Am I is a classic party game that is the ideal icebreaker for small and medium groups. 

Begin by writing the name of a famous person or character on the note. It must be an iconic character everyone knows, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Trump, or Michael Jackson. 

Stick a note on the back or forehead of each person and don’t let them know what it says. Next, get the group to mingle and ask each other yes or no answers to guess who they are. 


Icebreaker games are the ideal way for people in professional and informal meetings to bond and get to know each other. 

The best icebreaker games are simple, don’t require much planning or materials, and are most effective if they are funny. 

You should choose a game depending on the group size, and you can adapt games for professional or informal meetings. 


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