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If you run a store, restuarant, warehouse or simply have a large family then you’ll need a set of Walkie talkies or hand held radios that you can buy more than two handsets for.

The walkie talkies in this review come in sets of at least 4.

Perfect for any small business that wants to keep in touch even in the most remote of places.

Even the best Mobile phones suffer from signal loss in large buildings or remote locations.

Top 5 Handheld Walkie Talkies sets

5. Budget Option

Retevis RT69
Don’t be fooled by the price. These handheld walkie talkies are perfect for any small business. They come with a full earpiece kit. Good for at least 1 mile away and easy to use makes them the ideal choice for a budget set of 4 walkie talkies

4. Business sets

ANSIOVON Walkie Talkie
This set takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge, which can last for 12-90 hours. With a range of up to 6 miles in the right conditions and fast charging, it’s no wonder it sells well online. Each handset weighs only 150g. Made from a strong ABS material with a sturdy belt clip which makes them easy to carry

3.Top of the line

SAMCOM 5 Watts
20 channels with 5W strong penetration and long antenna ensure you can talk freely with your family and friends for hiking, hunting, climbing. Up to 30 miles in open areas & 1-5 miles in build-up areas. You can add up to 19 Handsets to this kit

2.Editors Choice

Retevis RT21
This heavy duty set of handheld walkie talkies would be perfect for security and construction sites. It comes with added features like distress function and quick use call. Good reception and crystal sound even between buildings and underground lets you stay in contact for longer

1. 20 Handset Pack

No products found.

Walkie Talkie Helpful Information

Walkie talkies can be useful for so many things ranging from working in a restaurant or pub to a family on a camping trip. In a business setting, walkie talkies can make for quick and easy communication. 

On a camping trip, walkie talkies are a great source of communication when people want to explore different areas. You can easily check in on each other and make sure everyone is okay.

When you are on the hunt for a walkie talkie that can make communication easier, there are some things you need to consider.

What’s the range?

In most cases, walkie talkies have a range of about three miles. This range is great when you are looking to use them inside of a business for employees to talk to each other. You can also expect this range to work well for your family outdoors. 

If you do need a walkie talkie that has a range longer than three miles, you can look into a long-range walkie talkie. These devices typically have a range of anywhere between five and thirty-five miles.

Background noise reduction

Clarity is extremely important when it comes to the sound of a walkie talkie. It won’t do anyone any good if no one can hear what is being said. Look for a walkie talkie that advertises crystal clear sound.

Run time

You should consider a walkie talkie that is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. On a full charge, these types of batteries can last an average of 11 hours before needing to be charged again depending on the use time. 

Build Quality

No matter where you plan on using the walkie talkies, you can expect them to be dropped at some point. You should look for walkie talkies that are impact resistant. This will ensure that the device won’t break if it gets dropped on a hard, concrete ground.

You should also look for a walkie talkie that is waterproof because accidents can happen anywhere. You wouldn’t want a walkie talkie to get wet and not be usable anymore. Dust resistance is another good durability feature to look for.

man using walkie talkies

No of handsets

If you are looking for a set of walkie talkies for your family’s next camping trip, you will probably be good with four to six, depending on the size of your family.

If you are looking for walkie talkies business use, you will need way more than that. You need to consider how many employees you have, or how many of them need to have the walkie talkies to communicate.

LED Display& Settings

A walkie talkie with a display makes it easy to distinguish which channel you are on so all team members can be on the same one. This ensures that no communication will be missed. A display isn’t necessary, but it is a nice feature to have.

Set up

Not everyone is on the same page when it comes to technology, so the easier to use the walkie talkie is the better. You don’t need walkie talkies with several buttons, you just need ones that will work. If your employees have a hard time working them, they won’t want to use them.

What to spend on a set

Depending on the number of units you need, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $400. The lower range will typically get you only two units, where the higher range can get you more depending on the brand and the quality of the units.

More Features

There are some other features you need to consider when looking for a walkie talkie. The first is the ability to be used hands-free with a headset. This is beneficial for professional and personal use, because you don’t need to hold the walkie talkie in your hand constantly.

Another feature that can prove to be beneficial is a vibration alarm. This notifies the user of an incoming transmission with the help of a vibration. This feature ensures that no communication is missed when the device in on the user.

In a business setting, especially in a restaurant or a pub, a noise-suppression feature would be extremely helpful. This feature filters out any background noise to help with a clearer sound on the other end.

Editors Extra Choices

Final Thoughts

There are many uses for these handsets from business to pleasure. Either way the 5 we choose above are all really good walkie talkies that come in packs of 4 or more units.

Having the flexibility to add more walkie talkies onto the set as your business grows or your family grows is ideal.

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