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Having a convenient place to store your equipment when going Bikepacking is an essential tool in making your experience the best it possibly can be. Utilizing a handlebar bag for Bikepacking is an excellent way to achieve this convenience.

Within this article, we will show you around some of the best options for Bikepacking Handlebar Bags and give you some tips on what to look out for when considering one for purchase.

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Top 5 Bikepacking Handlebar Bag

5. Editor’s Choice

ROCKBROS Waterproof Handlebar Bags
A great choice for those who want to maximize the amount of luggage they can carry with them, this ROCKBROS Waterproof Handlebar bag boasts a carrying capacity of 19L-21L! Using high-strength 600D nylon to keep things secure and a customizable set up with 2 individual bags used in conjunction to provide the utmost in storage, this is a product for those who want to go all out.

4. Most Popular

ROCKBROS Bikepacking Bike Handlebar Bag
Another excellent product from ROCKBROS, this handlebar bag provide an adustable storage capacity of 7L-14L to allow you to tailor your bag to your needs. Easily fitting a 3-person tent, this product is great for when you anticipate your storage needs might change in a hurry and want to be sure that you’re covered.

3. Fan Favorite

No products found.

2. Must-have Option

Moosetreks Handlebar Bag
Made using waterproof ripstop nylon, this durable and long-lasting handlebar bag by Moosetreks is an excellent option who want a product that is great all around. With 15L maximum capacity, a durable and waterproof outer layer and a starting weight of only 17oz and maximum carrying the weight of up to 10 pounds, this bag will make sure you can get all the luggage you need to your destination.

1. Budget Option

Sahoo 122051 Fully Waterproof Bike Front Frame Bag
An affordable but robust entry in the lineup of handlebar bags, this waterproof bag from Sahoo uses a composite TPU cloth and HYPLON. With a capacity of just over 15L and a reflective logo to keep your safe on the roads, this is far from a bad first Bikepacking Bag.

Buyer’s Guide: Bikepacking Handlebar Bag

How much should I expect to pay for a Bikepacking Handlebar Bag?

Price can be a big determining factor in whether or not you commit to the purchase of a product. In any situation where you are handing over your money for a product, you want to know how much you are going to have to pay for what you’re getting.

When talking about Bikepacking Handlebar Bags, you can expect to pay within the range of $30 to $80 depending on the features and designs that you choose to go with. Within this price range, there are a variety of products so allow us to break it down further and explain.

Lower end ($30)

Lower End Price on Amazon

At the lower end of the price range at around $30, you will find products that will offer you a decent amount of storage, at around 3L, and often come with waterproofing which can be essential for Bikepacking.

These products are great for those just dipping their feet into Bikepacking and don’t want too much of an initial investment but still want a reliable product.

Mid-range ($50)

Mid-range Bags on Amazon

In the mid-range at around $50, you will start to find products offering more advanced features and usually a larger storage capacity.

At this price point, you will find that products can offer from 3L to 5L of storage and will employ tear-resistant materials along with the waterproofing from the cheaper products.

This makes for a great product that can provide a great benefit to a Bikepacking experience and can help to provide convenience for Bikepackers who are on a budget but are looking to get products to last.

High-end ($70-$80)

At the top of the price range at about $70 to $80, you will find the products that will require a somewhat hefty initial investment but can provide you with lots of storage in a durable bag that is going to last you a long time.

Often with adjustable storage (often from 3L to 8L and sometimes even exceeding this at up to 15L) to allow you to balance weight and give you a place to store those larger items securely, these products are engineered to maintain balance and allow you to get through your Bikepacking journey without any hiccups.

Are Bikepacking Handlebar Bags durable?

When you are considering investing in a new purchase, you are going to want to make sure that you can continue to use this product for a long as you need to. For a product like a Bikepacking Handlebar Bag, durability is one of the main factors in a long-lasting product.

Due to the malleable nature of bags in general, you will find that blunt damage is often mitigated with ease and so you needn’t worry about this particular type of impact.

bikepacking in the rain

What you are more likely to run into when cycling is scrapes and scuffs on things like trees or fences that can cause tears in certain materials and could render a product useless.

For these handlebar bags, the companies that manufacture them recognize this concern and often use materials such as nylon, or leather that are highly durable to add some tear-resistance to the products that they comprise.

Are Bikepacking Handlebar Bags waterproof?

When taking your luggage with you out into the wilderness and the unpredictable weather conditions that can be waiting out there, you are going to want to try to get some gear that can give you some protection from these conditions.

In the case of Bikepacking Handlebar Bags, you will nearly all of these products will have some kind of water-resistance, if not total waterproofing. This can be a great asset in keeping your sleeping bag, food supplies, or tools, dry and ready to use once you arrive at your camp.

Often you will find that these products will either use a layer of laminate on top of nylon or use leather which can be naturally waterproof, some may even use canvas with waterproofing although this is rarer than the other materials.

Is a Bikepacking Handlebar Bag secure?

You may be wondering if attaching your luggage to your handlebars is going to result in a secure cargo or not. Well, rest assured that one of the main features of nearly all Bikepacking Handlebar Bags is that they allow you to attach your luggage to your bike with security in mind.

Employing a combination of elastic, buckles, clips, and non-slip materials, you will find that you can rely upon your handlebar bag to keep your equipment secure on your Bikepacking excursions.

One of the ways in which these bags help to offer you security is in the fact they will often have multiple points of contact with your bike and so, therefore, will distribute the weight of luggage more evenly across the contact area to make sure that there is no unnecessary strain on either the bag or the bike.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a great number of options available for you if you should wish to adorn your bike with a handlebar bag and brave the outdoors.

Whether you need a cheaper product ( Cheap Amazon here for the best prices ) for your first few outings or are looking for a top-tier product to see you through many potential excursions, there will be something out there for you.

Hopefully, you have found some use in this article, either in showing you some excellent products or in giving you some pointers for what to look out for when browsing for Bikepacking Handlebar Bags.

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