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Best Place To Bungee Jump In The USA




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It‘s one thing to hear about the exhilarating experience that a free fall into a deep gorge and bouncing up and down in the air for a few minutes can give you.

Now imagine experiencing it for yourself? 

The thrill and excitement of bungee jumping is something you shouldn’t just hear about; you need to experience it for yourself. 

So, to help you plan your trip, here’s a list of the best places to go bungee jumping in the United States. 

Oregon: Government Camp Mount Hood Adventure Park 

The bungee tower at Mount Hood Adventure Park is 100 feet high.

You can choose to jump or throw yourself over the edge, depending on what gives you the highest thrill factor. 

For the adrenalin junkies, they’ll allow you to dive over the edge, which will increase the scare factor and pump the adrenaline even more. 

The great thing about this adventure park is that there are plenty of other activities to enjoy.

It would be a great way to spend time with family and friends too. 

Texas: Zero Gravity Theme Park Air Boingo Tower

This 70 feet tall tower is the perfect place for beginners to test out the thrill of bungee jumping. 

The Air Boingo tower is found right at the center of the Metroplex and was made just for bungee jumping, so the landing is free of any potentially dangerous stuff. 

There’s no worry that you might bang your head on something you shouldn’t, making it the perfect bungee noob first-time out experience. 

The park itself is also worth exploring, fun times for everyone. 

Destin Florida: Bungee Tower at the Track Recreation Center

Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, USA

Besides the merriment of the go-karts and batting cages, the Track Family Center is home to a 75 feet tall bungee tower. 

Another great beginner-style jumping experience.

The tower was designed with safety in mind and is the perfect drop if you’re worried about not getting the landing right. 

There will be plenty of instructors on-site to help you with your first jump. 

Sacramento, California: Sierra Nevada Mountains 

The bridge at the Sierra Nevada mountains is a bungee favorite for many.

Located in Northern California, it connects Lake Tahoe to the Sierra Nevada mountains near the Nevada border. The jump is 100 feet long. 

What makes the bridge so exciting is the view you get of the mountain landscape; imagine looking at it while you float upside down— epic!

Southern California- Bridge to Nowhere

Big Tujunga Canyon Bridge, Bridge to Nowhere
Image credits here

If jumping off towers isn’t your idea of a daredevil act, this one will do the trick.

The bridge to nowhere found in the sheep mountain wilderness is 100 feet high. 

You’ll be jumping over the rushing waters of the San Gabriel River.

As you drop, you’ll see nothing but the gorge that surrounds you —how’s that for a thrill factor?

Side Note: The bridge literally leads to nowhere because it doesn’t connect any roads, it goes from one mountain to another. 

Read our complete guide to bungee jumping for beginners and people wanting to start an extreme hobby

Arkansas: The Royal Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge

If you are looking for a higher jump, the Royal Gorge Bridge is just the place for you.

This 150-foot jump on the suspension bridge that stretches more than 1000 feet over the Arkansas River is the ultimate exhilarating experience. 

However, you can’t jump off this bridge at any time of the year. It’s only legal during the GoFast games, which unfortunately last for three days.

So you’ll have to get your timing right if you want to crack at this majestic dive in the air. 

Humboldt, California- Redwood Forest 

Male and Female hiker walking through giant redwood forest.
Image credits here

Ever thought about bungee jumping from a tree? Sounds interesting, right. Well, it is. 

First, you have to climb up to the top of the tree.

Then walk on tightrope ties between two trees; that’s where you’ll jump from. Talk about a three-fold rush!

The trees in the Redwood forest are gigantic, and most jumps will be about 150 feet off the ground. 

If you want to take this trip, you will have to get in touch with the Bungee Adventures company because they are the only ones allowed by law to organize these jumps in the Redwood forest. 

Calaveras County, Pioneer California – Parrotts Ferry Bridge

New Melones Lake near Angela Camp
Image Credit here

You’ll be jumping 180 feet over the calm waters of New Melones Lake. All around you, you’ll see the scenic green hills of the California landscape. 

The calm environment makes for a different type of thrill. It’s different from the daredevil acts of jumping over dangerous gorges.

This jump is all about a simple connection with nature and losing yourself in the serenity as you trampoline mid-air.

Shelton Washington- High Steel bridge 

High Steel Bridge, a truss arch bridge above Skokomish River in Washington, USA

You’ll get the exciting experience of jumping 365 feet into a canyon that is over a river.

The bridge is actually 400 feet long, but the river bed is known to have some sharp rocks, so it isn’t safe to do the whole 400 feet dive. 

You’ll have to be an experienced jumper to even think of taking this jump.

Idaho- Hansen Bridge 

Overlook of the Snake River from Hansen Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho

Here’s another one for the expert bungee jumpers. The Hansen bridge runs over the Snake River and is over 400 feet high.

You’ll get to fall a whole 400 feet looking into the flowing river below. 

While you’re there, you can check out the Hanson bridge, but only if you are an advanced jumper because it’s way taller than the Hansen bridge.  


If you’re thinking about taking the dive, do more research on these places to find the best one for your needs.

Remember it’s not advised to try and make solo jumps. Instead, find an experienced bungee jumping company like:

Remember to take all safety precautions and dress appropriately. Most importantly, enjoy your jump!

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