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Highest Bungee Jump in New Zealand




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New Zealand, for many reasons, is a land of extremes. From the serene geographical climate to the countless adventures, no country worldwide has so many bungee jump locations as New Zealand. 

That may be the reason that bungee jumping, spelled as bungy by the locals, was invented in New Zealand.  

Queenstown is a popular New Zealand’s South Island resort town that played a critical role in shaping bungee jumping. 

The adventure capital hosts some of the best bungee jumping spots in New Zealand until today. 

Below is a review of the highest bungee jump in New Zealand.

The Nevis Bungee

The view of Nevis Bungee in New Zealand

Referred to as Nevis Bungy by the natives, Nevis was once the highest bungee jump in the world. 

At 134 meters, the bungee jump has lost the title to many bungee jumps in China but remains the highest in New Zealand.

Nevis bungy is a 40-minute drive from Queenstown. The trip takes you to a winding and steep access road, which is a thrill in itself before getting to the bungee location.

The journey proceeds to a terrifying private access road up the mountain—perhaps testing your adrenaline and getting you ready for the big bungee jump.

Auckland Skyjump

far view of the Auckland Skyjump Tower in New Zealand

At 192 meters, Auckland Sky Tower is higher than Nevis, although it’s a controlled jump. 

The plunge from the tower takes 11 seconds of terror and fear before coming down to a smooth, dignified, and controlled landing, where a fantastic Sky City Plaza crowd finally meets you with spontaneous applause.

The Auckland Skyjump also offers a skywalk if you don’t want to bungee jump.

The controlled jump can go to a speed of up to 85km per hour.

Auckland Sky Tower is the highest building in New Zealand and the only one offering commercial base jump. 

It’s the best spot for bungee jumpers who want to hurl themselves from the highest locations.  

The Ledge

The Ledge Bunjy in Queenstown in New Zealand

The Ledge Bunjy is 400 meters above Queenstown and has a 47-meter drop.

You’ll enjoy a spectacular view and adventure in the Skyline Gondola up in the mountains and Queenstown below.

The Ledge is freestyle, and you can twist, flip, or go straight on from the 47-meter drop. 

You’ll enjoy a magnificent view of the distant snowy Southern Alps and Lake Wakatipu, which is New Zealand’s longest lake.

The Ledge is the only range that allows you to bungee jump in New Zealand at night as you enjoy the scenic beauty of Queenstown.

Taupo Bungy

Taupo Bungee in New Zealand

Taupo Bungy is a 47-drop over the water located along 202 Spa road in Taup.

It’s New Zealand’s only cliff jump, and it allows you to dip your head in the Lake Taupo waters while bungee jumping. 

You can do this in tandem with a friend’s moral support.

The Taupo Bungy experts will help you immerse yourself if you want a full-body water treat. 

Taupo Bungy is the best destination if you’re a plunge master seeking to enjoy bungee jumping coupled with the crystal water activities of Lake Taupo.

Bottom Line

Queenstown, New Zealand, is the home of bungee jumping.

And while it may not offer the highest bungee jumping spots compared to countries like China and the US, it remains the best place to enjoy the sport alongside other adventures, making it more fun.  

There’s much to add more thrill to the sport, from the favorable weather conditions to beautiful lakes and mountains that border major bungee jumping spots.

You’ll also have an opportunity to enjoy bungee jumping at night in locations such as The Ledge.

New Zealand should be your first destination for new bungee jumpers or tourists looking for added fun beyond bungee jumping.

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