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There are many reasons why people take up a new hobby, and often the number one reason is to find and make new friends. Here at Hobby KnowHow we’re big believers that hobbies play a vital role in your health and mental well-being. There’s a huge amount of scientific data and research that indicates that hobbies improve your health and well-being and can simply make you smile.

With hundreds of unique and interesting hobbies to choose from here at Hobby Knowhow we are sure you’ll find a new hobby that will suit your needs and interests. You’ll be amazed at what hobbies you can find on our website. 

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  • What Exactly is a Hobby? (How is it Defined?)

    What Exactly is a Hobby? (How is it Defined?)

    A hobby is an activity you do for fun during your leisure time, for relaxation and pleasure, not professionally or for pay. The word hobby originated from the 13th Century Anglo-Latin word ‘hobyn,’ which means ‘small and active horse or pony.’ This word evolved into ‘hobbyhorse,’ which was a wooden stick with a figure of a…

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