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Hobbies: Another Way of Taking Care of Ourselves




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Our responsibilities and our jobs often stress us and make us feel under pressure. That’s why we need to have a hobby. Hobbies are a very healthy way to relieve everyday stress and to have quality time with ourselves.

Anything can be a hobby, as long as it takes our mind off other things and interests us. A hobby can be entertaining, educational, and extremely useful. 

In order to find a hobby that we are passionate about, we need to spend some time with ourselves and discover what we like and what kind of hobby we can afford (timewise and financially).

Hobbies can cover our need for a healthy distraction from our routine problems and offer us memorable moments, especially when we do them with friends or family.

friends cooking a meal together, enjoying each other's company
Hobbies are a great way to meet new friends

The reasons why we need to have at least 1 hobby are several. First of all, having a hobby allows us to spend some time alone or with other people and socialize. Secondly, certain hobbies can literally educate us and sharpen our minds.

In addition, there are many creative and unique hobbies that provide us with skills that we can’t learn in everyday life or at work. 

Most importantly though, when we occupy ourselves with a hobby, we empty our minds and relax. Hence, we “recharge” and we feel rested. This results in our wellbeing and in our better performance in our jobs.

A healthy mind is a better mind after all!

Usually, the time when we get to do our hobbies is the time we love the most. Why is that?

First of all, it is of vital importance to point out that we don’t always choose our responsibilities and our jobs. But, on the contrary our hobbies are what we choose them to be.

Hence, they reflect an aspect of our personalities. For example, if a person is more inclined to go for bungee jumping or for rock climbing, we can understand that this person likes extreme sports. 

Furthermore, every person is different. We all have different needs to cover with a hobby. A person might need a hobby to distract himself/herself, but another person might want a hobby that will educate him/her.

We are very lucky to live in this modern world, where we have an unlimited number of potential hobbies! 

Also, we express ourselves through our hobbies. Our hobbies are the activities that make us feel like ourselves the most. As we develop and learn new skills, we discover new parts of ourselves and only this part is rewarding.

In other words, we learn to love ourselves and our abilities in new domains. This is why we love having hobbies. 

Unfortunately, there are many people that feel they don’t have time for a hobby because of their job. It is quite a common phenomenon during recent years.

Even though this is a reality, every person needs a hobby. Our jobs are very important but so are the other domains of our lives, especially the domain of our (mental) health and wellbeing. 

Hobbies can really improve our mental and physical health, as well as our wellbeing. They are healthy habits and the more time we spend on them we keep ourselves away from bad habits. 

Below, there are some suggested hobbies that can improve our health and contribute to our wellbeing. 


Cooking as a hobby is way more fun than the typical cooking of our daily life. It is something we enjoy and something we are not obliged to do. It is a very healthy hobby as it unlocks the creativity within us.

Cooking dishes from other cultures is remarkably interesting too. Trying new flavors and dishes really broadens our knowledge and we also learn more about many cultures. 

a group of individuals volunteering at a tree planting


If not the best, it is the “nicest” hobby you could choose. Becoming a volunteer at an animal shelter, at a hospital or at a school has many advantages both for you and for others.

You contribute a great amount, and you help others. In exchange, you receive the gratitude of those you have helped.

Volunteering is much needed in all societies, all around the world.

Creating fashion/ becoming your personal stylist

Creating your own fashion is a highly creative and productive hobby. You can actually create your own clothes by knitting, for example. What’s better than that?

Your wardrobe will surely be different than any other as your clothes will literally reflect your personal style.

In addition, you can become your own stylist and create many combinations of your clothes that are one of a kind!

 woman knitting a red sweater

Dancing lessons

A good hobby is dancing. You can either attend an online class to learn to dance from your home, but you can also join a dance group/class.

Dancing is greatly beneficial for both your mind and fitness. In addition, you can have the ability to show off your dance skills when you are at a club again!

Furthermore, learning to tango with your romantic partner can be really nice.

Board games

Even though you can play board games online, I suggest you gather your friends and play board games with them. It is a hobby that literally makes you smarter and craftier.

It is definitely a hobby that can educate, especially if you play games such as Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly. You can also enter board games tournaments and win prizes such as chess tournaments!

Having a pet(s)

It is not exactly a hobby to have a pet but the time you spend with your pet can qualify as a hobby.

It is especially important and greatly beneficial for you to learn how to take care of a pet, since you are explicitly responsible for its life.

The time you spend with your pet is also a very affectionate and bonding time for both you and your pet. 

Learning a new language

An educational kind of hobby is learning a new language. Apart from educating yourself and learning unfamiliar words and a different kind of speaking, you also learn about a different culture, which is particularly important.

You can join an adult class and you can also obtain a degree if you feel confident enough. A certification like this can also help in your work too!


Spending time with yourself and writing down your thoughts and stories are an extremely healthy way to cope with stress and anxiety. Try to express yourself the most and feel free to write down your problems. That actually helps!

It doesn’t have to be blogging if you write personal stories! Writing down what you went through today helps your future self to read about this day and remember it!


Apparently, there are a lot of hobbies that you can choose from! Make sure to select one that reflects your style and covers your needs.

Taking everything into consideration, hobbies are obviously very important for us and our wellbeing.

Even if your everyday pace does not allow you to have a hobby, make sure to make some time (even 2 hours are enough per week) and devote it to yourself and your hobby.

You won’t regret it, and you will end up loving yourself even more!

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