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6 Hobbies for Disabled Hands




strong happy woman with metal bionic arm stands in pose doing adaptive yoga exercises in her room

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Accidents and chronic illnesses like arthritis are just two examples of the many sources of hand problems.

There are thousands of people of all ages who, due to illness or injury, have restricted hand movement, weak hands or arms, and trouble gripping and holding anything.

Tasks, like writing, painting, or even just getting through the day, can be difficult but not impossible to solve.

Even if you have limited hand movement, you shouldn’t let that stop you from exploring new interests or continuing with the ones you already enjoy.

You should always make an effort to keep your body and mind stimulated through enjoyable activities.

Here you’ll find some ideas for filling your spare time and discovering interesting new hobbies despite the limitations of your hands.

Happy man with disabilities finishing his painting in his workshop

1. Art 

If you have a disability, don’t let it keep you from following your creative dreams. 

The best way to show off your unique character and artistic potential is to find inventive ways to tailor the creative process to who you are.

The artistic world is always open to new styles and concepts. It is a domain that has no boundaries and lays down no rules of any kind.

Below is just one example of the idea of using artwork as an avenue of self-expression for those who have significant difficulties with their hands.


Using stamp patterns can be an awesome way to express creativity for artists with restricted hand movement.

The creative process starts with finding items that can be grasped and used to create interesting patterns on the canvas.

An artist can create a beautiful print on paper using anything from a cleaning sponge to a wine cork dipped in paint.

It is entirely up to the artist’s creative vision and imagination whether or not they make use of some of the many other inspiring items that can be discovered and utilized.

Keep an eye out for anything that might have a variety of surface textures, as well as shapes and layouts that are intriguing.

Even regular paint brushes with comfortable, custom handles are easier to grasp and move while creating.

Beautiful young armless woman training to swim in pool

2. Swimming 

Swimming is a wonderful sport for building muscle and stamina if you’re looking for something more active to do.

Working out with a weight that is supported by water allows you to develop muscle easily and sculpt your body, and the limitations of your hands shouldn’t be an issue.

It is worthwhile discussing your preferred swimming style with an experienced swimming instructor and selecting the technique that is best suited to you.

There are four primary swimming techniques: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, but keep in mind that you can modify every stroke to suit your capabilities.

As the fourth most common sporting activity among American adults, swimming is a great method to stay in shape and maintain an aerobic workout routine. 

Thirty minutes in the pool is equivalent to 45 minutes of land-based exercise in terms of the amount of effort done by your body. 

Regular swimming for as little as 2.5 hours per week has been shown to significantly reduce the danger of developing serious conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

According to research, it can also have a positive effect on your state of mind.

Since water can sustain up to 90% of a person’s weight, you can enjoy the health benefits of swimming even if you have limited hand mobility.

Woman podcaster podcasting and recording online with her mic and headset on in her room

3. Podcasts

Since podcasts were first made available to the public, there has been continuous and exponential growth in their listenership.

This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since it’s a very enjoyable way to pass the time.

Like watching a movie, listening to a podcast is a passive experience. However, they do not leave you feeling as stressed or drained as television does.

Research has shown that listening to audio, as opposed to watching television, stimulates more brain activity.

This is due to the fact that listening to a podcast engages a person’s imagination without exposing the eyes to the additional cognitive load of processing an enormous variety of colors, lights, and images.

The negative effects of screen time on the eyes have been well documented, and now scientists are concerned that it may also have a negative impact on the brain.

That’s why the greatest thing about podcasts is that you can just lie back, close your eyes, and listen.

Podcasts are not only a fantastic way to pass the time but also an excellent educational resource; there are hundreds of thousands available on any topic imaginable.

Thanks to them, podcast experts from countless professions can simply share their experience, guidance, and knowledge with you.

So, if you want to learn about a new topic, improve at something you already know, or even learn a foreign language, podcasts are a great place to start.

Strong happy woman with metal bionic arm stands in pose doing adaptive yoga exercises in her room

4. Adaptive Yoga

While a yoga class may appear to be nothing more than a bunch of individuals in a room doing weird twists and poses, yoga is actually much deeper than that.

Yoga is both a way of life and a way to get well. Yoga postures, breathing routines, and meditation may help you feel better and more in charge of your body.

But if you’ve ever felt out of place in a regular yoga class, you’ll love adaptive yoga.

The goal of adaptive yoga is to make the practice available to everyone, including people with disabilities or medical conditions that limit their movement.

So, if you have problems that limit the movement of your hands or arms, or any other problems, this physical activity is for you.

Each student’s requirements and skill levels are considered when designing classes, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the individual attention you need to feel comfortable exploring the numerous benefits of this physically active hobby.

Although yoga is not a remedy, the numerous benefits that people may gain from the practice are impressive.

Here are just a few of the various aspects of life that can benefit from yoga practice:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Posture 
  • Balance
  • Focus 
  • Blood circulation 
  • Digestion
  • Tension
  • Fatigue
  • Spasticity and other pain

Regular practice of yoga can also help you calm your nerves, find peace with yourself and the world, and, as a result, make you simply more fulfilled and happier.

Senior woman crochets a napkin with natural thread sitting in her living room

5. Crocheting or Knitting

Knitting or crocheting keeps your fingers moving, which reduces stiffness and preserves them in better condition regardless of the problems you may be experiencing.

In addition, people with advanced hand mobility issues, a lack of fingers, or other hand-related challenges can crochet and knit thanks to a variety of adaptations that make these activities possible for them.

The following is a list of potential solutions and helpful hints:

  • Pick equipment with ergonomic grips or handles that are comfortable to hold.
  • If arthritis is an issue, try crocheting with copper gloves.

Here are a few tool options to try:

  • Adaptive Crochet Hooks
  • “Third Hand” Sewing Clamp
  • Needle Gripper Dots
  • Quilt Needle Threader
  • Gripper Scissors

If you enjoy working with your hands, it’s important to experiment with various methods and equipment to find the ones that work best for you.

Woman with prosthetic arm hand at home reading from her tablet while holding cup of coffee

6. Reading

Reading improves our ability to think critically and solve problems, increases our range of information, and broadens our understanding. Plus, it strengthens our ability to communicate and interact with others.

To think clearly and come up with new concepts, we require regular mental exercise. Focused reading is one of the easiest ways to improve cognitive ability.

When you read, you enter a different universe. Because reading literature or books requires so much concentration, those who do so are better able to avoid unnecessary stresses and enjoy greater mental and physical well-being.

Research has shown that reading can decrease stress and high blood pressure, as well as slow the heart rate.

Books are also great companions for the final hours before bed because they help you unwind both physically and mentally.

If you have trouble using your hands, you might want to buy a book stand or prop a book up against another surface. Tablets and e-readers, like the Kindle, are typically lighter than books. 

Final Thoughts

Many people of all ages experience difficulties with their hand mobility. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying something new or enjoying life to the fullest extent possible.

The benefits of having a fulfilling hobby for our emotional and physical health cannot be overstated.

Don’t forget to reference this article for advice on what activities are ideal for people with disabled hands.


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