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11 Hobbies for Intellectuals (IQ Improving Hobbies)




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Having a hobby is something that people take up based on a passion or interest. For some, however, their passion is the pursuit of intelligence and improving their IQ, which isn’t something that many would consider being a “hobby”. 

Whether you already have a high level of intelligence or this is something that you are looking to improve, there are certain hobbies that you can take up to further boost your level of intelligence, regardless of the starting point. 

hobbies for intellectuals

11 Hobbies for intellectuals

Below, we cover some of the best hobbies for intellectuals. These are not your basic hobbies that are based on academia, they are instead ones that will enrich your life and stimulate your brain in multiple ways. 

Intelligence is subjective, therefore we have made sure to include hobbies that cater to different forms of intelligence, be that emotional, academic, critical thinking, problem-solving, or IQ based. 

Don’t worry, we’ve also made sure to select hobbies that are also fun and engaging as there is no point in pursuing intelligence through boring methods!

1. Sudoku


A simple hobby to get into when looking to give your brain some stimulation is Sudoku puzzles. These mathematical mental games are very popular among those that practice daily mental exercise. 

Sudokus do not involve completing mathematic equations but rather you have a grid of numbers (1-9) that fit into a larger 3×3, 6×6, or 9×9 grid and the goal is to fill in all squares so that the number 1-9 run horizontally and vertically along every row and column. 

The only catch is that the same number cannot appear on the same row or column. It’s a simple concept yet the combinations are endless so you can gain mental stimulation daily and never run out of potential games. 

2. Chess

chessboard macro snapshot

Chess is the traditional game for intellects and encourages the development of strategy, forward planning, mental recall, and focus. 

If you want some motivation to get started, we recommend watching the popular Queen’s Gambit series. After watching this you’ll be ordering your first chess set in no time!

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3. Puzzles

Over recent years, puzzles and brain training games have boomed in popularity as people realize the benefits that come from regularly stimulating your brain with puzzles and problem-solving tasks. 

The range of puzzles is quite limitless and therefore you can choose something that matches your personality.

Visual problem-solving puzzles, puzzle boxes, Rubik’s cubes, brainteasers, puzzles for hand-eye coordination, and varying other forms of stimulation. 

4. Pub Quiz

kahoot on a mobile device

Quizzes are the ultimate hobby for an intellectual as they not only allow you to test your current level of knowledge but also give you something to work towards on a regular basis. 

Eggheads, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Chase are all popular game shows but nothing beats getting out there with a group of friends and taking part in some classic pub quizzes. 

The pub quiz is also evolving and Facebook groups now encourage players to take part in virtual quizzes that allow competing teams to test their wits against other quiz enthusiasts worldwide. 

5. Crosswords

Crosswords go hand in hand with a range of other hobbies including reading and quizzing and offer a way to test your current knowledge in a fun and pickup manner. 

Some crosswords are known to be challenging and working your way up to this level can provide a solid test of knowledge and deduction which few other hobbies can compete with, especially given the minimal cost that comes with this hobby. 

6. Learn a Musical Instrument

Music triggers areas of the brain that are simply not possible with any form of stimulation. Listening to music can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve mood, and boost mental focus and clarity.

man teaching a woman to play the guitar

There are even new sounds that are being discovered that can trigger your brain in new areas such as binaural beats. 

Learning a musical instrument can therefore bring many of the same benefits that listening to music does but you will also develop a new skill in the process. 

7. Meditation

Meditating is not seen as something that has a direct impact on your intelligence However something that most of the world’s highest achievers and intellects appear to have in common is that they meditate in some way on a daily basis. 

Meditation helps to relax your mind and free up mental capacity which in turn will improve your mental clarity and focus. 

8. Reading

woman reading a book while holding a glass of red wine

Reading can be an individual pastime or something that you can do as a group by joining a book club. Reading is something that all intellects have in common as it provides multiple benefits both through fiction and non-fiction reading. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • Increasing your knowledge and learning new things
  • Improving your vocabulary
  • Develops an understanding of different cultures
  • Reduces stress and helps prepare many people for sleep
  • Improving mental stimulation and visualization

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9. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is something that always appeals to people but getting started can often be a stumbling block. Being able to speak more than one language is not only a sign of intelligence but can also contribute to a range of mental benefits. 

The ability to speak another language opens up the knowledge of other cultures, improves your communication and verbal skills, and improves your sociability.

Apps and classes are now so efficient that languages can be learned to a good standard in as short a timeframe as 3-6 months!

10. Travelling

young woman travelling in spain

This one can be a bit more of an expensive hobby depending on the frequency and where you are traveling to but traveling, in general, is an excellent hobby for broadening your mind and experiencing new things (cultures, foods, personalities, etc…).

This is something you start instantly as well, no matter where you live in the world there will be something for you to explore within an hour’s drive, and appreciating your areas closer to home will give you a greater appreciation when you travel further afar. 

11. Exercise & Sport

Finally, we’ve selected a hobby that doesn’t actively engage your brain but rather one that focuses purely on physical aspects. Physical health and wellbeing act as a vehicle and prerequisite to a sharp mind. 

Exercise can improve cognitive function but also brings a whole host of other benefits including social interaction, lower anxiety, an elevated mood thanks to the endorphin release, and general health benefits. 

There are so many forms of exercise that you can take up as well and they will depend on your own interests. Team sports, individual sports, or even just getting outdoors for a walk can all count. 


There you have it, whether you are currently someone with a high level of intelligence or are looking to improve your intelligence in your spare time, the above are some hobbies that will not only support this pursuit but will also do so in an engaging and fun manner. 

Intelligence is not the main priority when selecting a hobby, it’s therefore important to select one that stimulates different components of your mental capacity.

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