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19 Creepy Hobbies and Dark Hobbies




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If you’re just curious about what strange stuff people get up to, here are some hobbies that are a bit odd or unusual.

You may even enjoy some of these creepy and dark hobbies yourself.

Take a look!

1. Practicing Witchcraft

Voodoo doll studded with needles

Witchcraft is historically considered ‘creepy’ or ‘dark.’ Technically, there are many different kinds of witchcraft, and magic is not supposed to be inherently good or evil.

It’s all in the action and the intent, as well as the source of your power (demons could certainly be considered creepy and dark, for example. On the other hand, it is generally considered possible to draw on your own, pure, innate power instead). 

So, are you intending to do spells for healing, guarding, and ‘good,’ or curses, life force thievery, disorientation spells, and ‘evil?’ This will decide whether or not your witchcraft could be considered creepy and dark!

2. Becoming a Horror Film Buff

Funny couple and skeleton watching studio projector

It’s a little concerning if your favorite pastime is watching folks get terrorized or tortured, some would say…. Many like a good horror film, but some are obsessively, inexplicably drawn to horror.

When this happens, the hobby can get a bit creepy or dark. This being said, it’s relatively harmless, as long as you are not drawn toward violent action yourself.

The horror genre is vast and it’s a great time-killer! 

3. Collecting Dolls (Common But To Some Also Creepy)

Bunch of different old dolls

This one is a bit of a cliche, and it’s actually quite common (I however might have trouble sleeping with them around me at night). Folks like to collect classic baby dolls, Victorian-style dolls, action figures, teddy bears, you name it.

A couple of dolls is one thing, but a whole collection can potentially be more unnerving (you may begin to feel watched or outnumbered).

If you’re looking for a hobby with possible creepy vibes, doll collecting may be worth a look!

4. Entomology (Bug Collecting)

 Beetle Collection

More widely considered creepy than doll collecting is bug collecting. Some people really, really like bugs – enough to put those pretty specimens in cases, liquid, etc.

There are some very beautiful bugs, and there are many that would find the sight of them cool.

This being said, there are also plenty of folks who want as little to do with bugs and possible; for them, such a collection would surely have less of an appeal.

They may even find it downright gross, creepy, or dark!

5. Beetle Fighting (You Read That Right)

Brown horned bugs fighting in nature.

For some, beetle fighting is a morally questionable sport. For others, it’s an entertaining pastime, albeit a bit creepy and dark.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: pitting beetles in a battle against one another!

6. Tree Shaping (This One Takes Some Patience but Pays Off)

Image Credits here

Tree Shaping is responsible for turning ordinary forest clearings into Otherworldly landscapes that are weird, lovely, and sometimes creepy and dark.

Many tree shapes look as if some forest denizen left them there as a warning or message; more often than not, it’s a mere mortal creating some beautiful and spooky artwork!

Unfortunately, tree sculpting takes time to accomplish (since the trees must gradually grow into the shapes you manipulate them into), so in the meanwhile, you may want to find another hobby on this list with which to entertain yourself. 

7. Ghost Hunting

ghost hunting with friends

This is arguably one of the darkest, creepiest hobbies out there: becoming a ghost hunter. The success of the endeavor seems to depend on the individual; some experience unwanted hauntings even in their personal lives, while others can’t seem to find signs of it even when they actively look! 

Some pro tips: an open mind is key, or experts say you this could interfere with the ‘connection’ (AKA sighting or interaction) you’re looking for!

Try not to get spooked or give in to your emotions (as this could allow ‘ghosts’ or other supernatural beings to toy with you), and try to remain sure of yourself. 

Keep your ‘guards,’ up (some consider these a literal spirit shield you can create through mental image and intent, others consider it simply staying alert and on-guard).

Usually, it’s best if someone knows where you are if you go on your own, just in case you get overly spooked, or lost. Many prefer to ghost hunt with a friend or two, however!

Read our guide on the best-haunted places in the USA

8. Collecting Bones and Roadkill

Most folks steer clear of roadkill or deteriorating animal carcasses in the woods; others collect the bits and pieces (some consider them a sort of treasure).

There are even those who will even clean them and use them to create artwork. To each their own, but most would probably consider this hobby to be just a tad creepy and dark!

9. Joining a Cult

man in white with followers in black cult concept

If you’re truly wanting some creepiness in your life, consider joining a cult. But, be aware that you can be putting your mental and/or physical well-being at risk.

Many cults function on control and deception, even brainwashing (certain extreme religions could also be considered to operate as a cult). 

If you’re planning to join for fun, be careful – people can get up to some things that are exceptionally weird, creepy, or dark.

If you’re smart, you won’t agree to anything that could potentially put you or others spiritually or physically at risk!

10. Exploring Abandoned Property

An abounded old beautiful house with crumbling facade.

This one is super-popular. It can be a bit dangerous, as you may encounter loose floorboards, uncovered nails, etc. ‘Abandoned’ property may also be home to raccoons, bats, or rats that might not appreciate a visitor! 

All this being said, with due caution, abandoned properties can make fun opportunities for exploration. Just remember to bring a flashlight, a first-aid kit, a phone, water, and a snack.

If you live in a city where there’s potential danger from others, you may also want some sort of weapon, preferably non-lethal (stun guns or pepper spray are great). This is also what your phone is for! 

Another word of caution: exploring abandoned property is not always strictly legal.

While it’s great to go about it legally when possible, you may not always find that it is. In these cases, stealth and an awareness of potential consequences are called for!

See some abandoned properties in California here.

11. Dirt Polishing (More Unusual Than Creepy)

Close-up of hands holding a ball made of clay
Image Credits Here

More than being creepy or dark, this one is just a bit unusual: dirt polishing. This is considered both a hobby and an art form. As its name implies, it involves polishing a mud ball until it shines like marble, for a unique sort of artwork! 

12. Competitive Dog Grooming (This May Take It a Bit Too Far)

yorkshire terrier getting his hair cut at the groomer

We’re all for folks caring about their pets, and giving them plenty of attention – but competitive dog grooming just might take it too far.

This hobby involves grooming dogs to look like popular characters, and it’s an obsession that borders on creepy (or maybe it crosses the line – what do you think?).

One has to wonder how much the dogs are enjoying being made to take baths, haircuts, grooming, and hold still for photos.

If you have a pup that likes to hang with you constantly, who is super-comfortable around people, and who genuinely doesn’t seem to mind the fuss, you may find it more of a fit, however!

13. Collecting Things Like Toe Nails and Navel Fluff

Toe nail cutting with a cutter isolated on white

Well… we’ll leave you to this one… Some folks like to collect body parts, whether it’s hair, toenails, or belly button fluff. There is even a record for the most collected belly button fluff…. Certainly a bit creepy, a tad dark! 

14. Hiking at Night (But Be Careful)

Beauty tourist woman with headlight in the forest

Night-hiking is a good way to creep yourself out, definitely. Keep in mind that there is also real danger! Try to hike any trails during the day, first, so you know what to expect.

Bring along a flashlight, spare batteries, some water, your phone, pepper spray (to deter nighttime predators, if necessary), and a snack. 

Wandering through the dark and only being able to see a couple of feet ahead of you, wondering what might be watching you (wild animals, supernatural creatures?), can be very creepy and dark!

15. People Watching (Sorry – It’s a Bit Creepy)

Crowd of people pass from pedestrians line

Now, this is just a bit creepy in the sense that most people don’t really like it. Staring isn’t generally considered polite, so while it may be interesting and revealing to people-watch, be aware folks might not appreciate it.

Be respectful, and try not to stare at any one individual if possible.

Enjoy the overall view of milling, living folk. Definitely don’t use it as an opportunity to ogle, though, or you might receive a well-deserved smack! 

16. Toy Voyaging (Some Call it Fun Some Call it Creepy)

Vintage Toy Car on the beach

A somewhat controversial hobby is one that is called ‘toy voyaging.’ This involves sending a favored toy on vacation.

For some, it’s good fun.

For others, it may seem to imbue the toy with too much life, which, for some, can come off a bit creepy! What do you think of toy voyaging? Fun? Creepy? Let us know!

17. Dabbling in Tarot (Some Consider this Dark)

Close-up of a fortune teller reading tarot cards

While this may be funny to some, there are those who still consider tarot cards to be creepy and dark. They are classically meant as a way to allow spirits to communicate messages across, so you can see why some might consider this a tad creepy or dark.

The goal is usually to communicate with guardian angels or guides, but some will try to talk to ghosts, demons, etc.; it really depends on the type of deck you have, and what you’re going for. You’ll also need a bit of luck!

18. Sculpting a Lifelike Baby Doll

Baby doll with cap sleeping and wrapped in blanket.

Have you ever seen a lifelike baby sculpture? There are those who specialize in this, and in making them as truly realistic as possible – gloss to make the eyes look wet, false eyelashes, toenails, and all!

For some, this is a beautiful and heartwarming form of artwork. For others, it’s nothing short of a horror! 

19. Popping Acne (Sorry. But Some People Like This One)

young girl picking at face in mirror

This is one that could definitely be considered creepy by some: popping acne. Some people like to do this for others, and there is even schooling available in some places for it. To each their own, right? Yuck!

So, do any of these creepy hobbies and dark hobbies catch your eye? Perhaps you’d like to sculpt your own Victorian doll – or try your hand at some witchcraft.

Whatever you decide to try, remember to use caution and be smart. All hobbies are best with a little preparation and know-how!

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