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Hobbies are activities we often choose to entertain ourselves and spend quality time with ourselves.

More often than not, we feel that our hobbies take a lot from our leisure time, a time we could also be spending with family, friends, or our relationship.

Without neglecting our relationships, we can find hobbies that we can share having with our loved ones. 

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Finding a Good Balance

When thinking if our hobbies really interfere with our relationships, we must take into account how we personally divide our time and how we spend it.

Every individual has a circle of friends and family that he/she needs to spend some time with. At the same time though, we also have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and have some hobbies. 

It all comes down to a healthy balance. We must create some “boundaries” and decide on how much time we can and want to devote to our hobbies and to our relationships.

Having a stable program that we abide by can be immensely helpful. For instance, we can spend our Saturdays with our relationships, but Sundays are only for us and our hobbies. 

It is very natural and common when relationships interfere with our personal time and hobbies. It can’t be doubted that this happens many times, but it is certainly not a problem that we can’t fix.

There can be times when we need to spend more time with our families or times when we really need to be with ourselves and spend time with our hobbies. 

As long as we have a stable program though, we are always able to “restore” the balance.

Ideas for a Good Balance 

Who said that we can’t spend time with our relationships and doing a hobby at the same time? We can always find hobbies that we can share with our loved ones.

Having a mutual hobby can actually strengthen a relationship and provide it with more common interests.

In addition, having a fun time with our loved ones by doing a hobby together creates many happy memories!

The following ideas are some hobbies that enable us to share them with our relationships.


Volunteering is a very highly suggested hobby. One of its many advantages is that we can find many organizations that seek volunteers in every part of the world.

It is a hobby that allows us to vastly contribute to society and to the underprivileged. We definitely spend quality time with ourselves and others while volunteering. 

young couple ride ATV on travel adventure

Adventure Traveling

You don’t have to travel very far away from home but we need to find some adventure. 

A Sunday can be perfect to gather your friends and go for some rock climbing on a mountain nearby.

Another example of adventurous traveling can be visiting an archaeological site in a city close to you or seeking out the places where the Thrones from “Game of Thrones” are hidden. 

International Cooking

Spending time with your relationships while cooking sounds ideal doesn’t it? You can start the hobby of international cooking and even make it a day!

For example, every Friday night you can invite everyone over and each Friday night you can try cooking famous dishes from all cultures!

It is a very nice and “delicious” hobby that will certainly provide you with cooking knowledge!


Writing about your favorite – and not so favorite – moments of your everyday life on a blog is a particularly good hobby.

You can start your own or share your stories with bloggers that want to publish your stories.

Starting your own blog though is a very good idea since you can actually create an archive with all the moments and memorable days you share with your relationships!

Learn a New Language

Yes, educating ourselves can be a hobby! If you have dreamed of traveling to Italy for instance, why not prepare yourself and learn Italian from now?

Learning a new language as a hobby is the ideal way to have fun and educate yourself at the same time.

You can join an online class for a more flexible program, and you can also learn a new language with your friends!

martial arts instructor teaching a lesson on fighting and defense training

Defense Lessons

Taking these kinds of lessons can be very useful, especially in times of a crisis.

It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, anyone can be attacked and robbed.

When taking defense lessons, you can learn how to “fight” and how to prevent someone from physically harming you.

It is a hobby that will definitely offer you some valuable knowledge, teaching you to physically defend yourself! 

(Re) Decorating 

Decorating your apartment, room, or yard can be a really fun hobby.

You can buy some furniture, paint the walls, and create a theme.

It surely needs a lot of time to decorate a whole house, but it is definitely worth it!

If you are about to buy a new house or apartment, decorating will be your favorite hobby.

Learn Photography

It doesn’t matter if you have a Polaroid or a Canon, you can learn how to be a photographer with any of these two cameras.

It is an especially beautiful hobby, since you can take pictures anywhere and whenever you want.

You can take pictures of nature, of houses or even objects. Make sure to include your loved ones too, use them as your models!

aspiring actors in an acting class performing

Acting Classes

Not everyone who attends acting classes aspires to be a professional actor!

Acting classes can be really entertaining for you and your relationships.

You can join a local theatrical group and practice your skills!

Your loved ones will be delighted to watch you play in a sketch!

Survival Preparation

It is an actual hobby to spend time preparing yourself for a time of crisis.

Except from having a survival kit next to your main door, it is particularly useful to spend some time finding out how to survive a fire or a tsunami.

In these cases of crisis, you will feel distressed and you will not be calm enough to know what you need to do. 

couple dancing salsa

Dancing Lessons

A very romantic hobby for you and your other significant can be dancing.

You can learn how to tango or any other kind of couple dancing. You can really have a genuinely enjoyable time with your partner while dancing.

Even if you have never tried it before, there are dancing lessons for beginners too!

Do It Yourself Crafts (DIY)

There are many ways and methods to create your own crafts!

You can watch many tutorials on YouTube and create any kind of craft you can think of!

It is a highly creative hobby that will keep your mind sharpened too!

Make sure to buy yourself some tools, glue, ribbons, and other kinds of equipment you might need when creating your crafts!


To conclude, even though hobbies can interfere with your relationships it is feasible to create a balance and to spend time on both without neglecting either one of them.

Make sure to organize your time properly!

Ideally, start a hobby with your friends and you will have the ability to have a hobby and to spend quality time with your loved ones at the same time!

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