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7 Hobbies to do with Your Hands




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Do you often find that you fidget with your hands, or are just otherwise restless? Something that could be beneficial for you might be to take up a hobby you can do with your hands.

Within this article we will go over 7 different hobbies that may help you to keep your hands busy and also be productive at the same time.



If you would like a hobby that can both increase your dexterity and provide a way to express your creativity to make gifts and decorations, you should consider woodworking.

With woodworking, you can craft anything from small figurines to whole pieces of furniture. If you can think of something you could use around the house (maybe a new desk, chair, or table) then you could start a woodworking project to make it yourself.

Otherwise, you could make a handmade gift for a loved one, nothing could be more personal than something you crafted with your own hands!

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Repairing Technology

Another hobby that can let you busy your hands and also offer you an avenue to keep productive is repairing technology. Most people will have some old tech that, for whatever reason, no longer works but could provide some utility if it could be restored.

Repairing this old tech will let you better understand how it works in the first place and give you some knowledge of what all the individual components do, which will make any future repairs that much easier.

There is also the added benefit of having the functionality of this old device restored.


A creative hobby that is all about using your hands to form a personalized item, is Pottery. This hobby allows you to express your creativity and make things such as vases and other ornaments and decorations.

Pottery can also be a relaxing and therapeutic hobby that can let you unwind. Many people take up pottery as a way to relax, the slow pace and room for mistakes or experimentation let people feel like they can be free to choose their own approach.

Learning an Instrument

One of the most popular hobbies that will keep your hands, and your mind, busy is learning an instrument.

This hobby offers a wide variety of ways to start and instruments to choose from – this means you can really narrow it down to what would interest you the most, be it a guitar or a saxophone.

Learning an instrument can provide you with boosted dexterity, creativity, and give you a way to relax or show off a new skill.

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It can be fun to play music in a group and learning an instrument will let you do that after you have learned enough of course.


This hobby is widely practiced as a way to both relax and to create beautiful sculptures for just some paper. One of the most accessible hobbies, origami doesn’t take much to get started and is only limited by your creativity.

There are many guides online on how to make certain figures out of origami (things like cranes and rabbits) and so you can really teach it to yourself. All you need is to grab some paper, look up a guide, and get folding to see if it’s right for you.

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Card Tricks

If you would like a hobby that will keep your hands busy, let you train your hand-eye coordination and dexterity, as well as give you a way to show of your skills to others, then consider learning card tricks.

card magic trick

Card tricks are excellent for those who want to keep their hands moving because that’s what it’s all about.

Using misdirects and sleight of the hand you can perform tricks that seem like magic and are sure to impress friends and family alike – and all you need is a pack of cards.

Model Building

Are you somehow who admires aircraft, trains, or cars? Then maybe a hobby where you can make your own miniature models of your favorite ones would be right for you?

Model Building is an excellent hobby if you want to be able to take your time and appreciate the journey of putting together an interesting small scale model of something like a B-52 bomber.

A great hobby to relax and enjoy, the model building also gives you a decoration to be proud of at the end.

Learn more about model building as a hobby here!


To conclude, if you are someone who prefers to keep your hands busy, there are plenty of hobbies for you. Whether you are making replicas, folding paper to create new designs, or showing off your cool card tricks to your friends, you will find that there is something that will command your attention and provide you enjoyment.

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